Unique Kids Seashell Crafts for All Ages

If your kids are anything like mine, then any chance we get to go to the beach, we come home with a handful of shells and bags of them over the entire summer.

Whether you live at the beach or you have a ton of seashells sitting at home, there are so many fun crafts you can make with them! Instead of putting them in a jar or just letting them collect dust, why not turn them into a fun craft your kids can make?

There are also some crafts on this list that are seashell shapes for those times you can’t make it to the beach and make sure you check out this post too on garden inspired crafts.

Here are 20 seashell crafts for your kids to make.

Painted Seashell Craft

From Moms & Crafters

First up, here’s an easy craft for the kids who love to paint. This craft will help them exercise their imagination and creativity and all you need are the huge seashells you gathered from the beach and some colourful paint.

Mermaid Necklaces

From Mama Papa Bubba

If your little girls love mermaids, here’s an easy craft for them to enjoy. All you need are seashells, crystals, a hemp cord, and glitters to add some sparkle! This is such a beautiful craft for your little mermaids!

Seashell Mermaid Purse Craft

From Artsy Momma

To complete your little girl’s mermaid look, here’s another beautiful seashell craft for them to make. This is perfect for the girls who love to pretend play and dress up.

Seashell Necklace

From Moms & Crafters

Here’s a one for the slightly older kids that enjoys playing with clay. An easy craft to enhance their creativity and concentration. Perfect for a beach party or a summer camp activity.

Seashell Craft

From The Educators’ Spin On It

A fun and an easy hands-on paper plate craft. This seashell craft is super easy for kids of all ages and chances are you’ll have everything you need at home already!

Paper Plate Seashell Craft

From Artsy Craftsy Mom

Yet another great paper plate craft. We love these bright and colourful seashell paintings. A great relaxing way to spend some quiet time.

Tie Dye Painted Seashell Craft

From East TN Family Fun

Anything tie-die has become super trendy recently and these cute little seashell ones would make a lovely craft to build concentration in older kids and fun activity for the family.

DIY Seashell Boats

From Crafting Chicks

Another fun seashell craft that your kids will enjoy! This will provide a lot of hands-on playtime for your kids and they can make a whole fleet of cute little seashell boats for imaginative play.

Seashell Turtle Craft

From Easy Peasy and Fun

If you have kids that love turtles, this turtle shell craft is just the thing. A super cute way to let kids turn those shells they collected from the beach into lovely things the kids can then play with.

Crystal Seashells

From Little Bins for Little Hands

Here’s an educational seashell craft. Growing crystals on seashells is an awesome STEM project for kids. This is a fun and easy science experiment!

Seashell Painting Art

From Fantastic Fun and Learning

Yet another painting craft. This is a cute little craft that doesn’t need any fancy materials and then doubles as a relaxing activity for the kids. 

Seashell Wall Hanging

From Crafts on Sea

This wall hanging craft is a unique little DIY seashell craft that’s sure to bring some fun to your little one when they see how the shells dance and play with the wind from them hanging in the window.

Seashell Pop Up Paper Craft

From Easy Peasy and Fun

If you have kids that love getting mail or simply want to surprise a grandparent with a cute homemade card, this seashell pop up card is just the thing. A super cute way to let kids send letters to people they care about.

Kid Made Seashell Decorations

From Crafts on Sea

These seashell decorations would be a great craft if you have kids that love playing kitchens or restaurants. It’s like baking cookies and these cute little decorations would make a lovely craft to build concentration in older kids!

Crab Fridge Magnets

From Red Ted Art

Yet another cut sea creature craft. These crab fridge magnets are super cute seashell crafts that will keep kids occupied and would make a great memento to keep on the fridge.

Shell Painting Ocean Art

From Fun-A-Day

Another fun painted shell craft, we love these bright and colourful seashell paintings. A great relaxing way to spend some quiet time.

Broken Shell Rattles

From Red Ted Art

Another unique little DIY seashell craft. I love recycled and nature crafts and this broken shell rattles will surely bring some joy to your little one and then doubles as a musical instrument that they can play afterward.

Shell Fossil Imprints in Salt Dough

From The Imagination Tree

Yet another baking seashell craft. Have you heard of salt dough? It is cheap, versatile, and easy to use! These shell fossil imprints simple to make and a great educational activity for the kids.

Tropical Seashell Fish Craft

From Crafts by Amanda

Another super cute seashell craft. These adorable tropical fish seashells are super easy for kids of all ages and a fun way for your little one to spend some time painting.  

Seashell Peacock Craft

From Crafty Morning

This seashell peacock craft is surprisingly simple to make and looks super professional. All kids love playing with play dough and this cute craft can keep kids concentration for an extended period.

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Sophie Marie

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