Third Month Blogging Goals – June 2019

Third Month Blogging Goals – June 2019

This month marks the halfway point of 2019, my blogs third month of life and, I’m pretty certain, by the end of the month I’ll be a mother of two. Bring it on June!

Due to the imminent arrival of a second little monster, organisation is even more important to me right now. I have no idea how much time I’ll have to dedicate to the site once I have a newborn AND a toddler. At the minute, I only manage about 10 to 15 hours a week. I’ll be giving up full time work in two days – YEY! – but I remember that newborn, hazy exhaustion all too well….


If you are interested in reading my full income report from May, take a look here. In it you’ll find a breakdown of my goals, a few tips on how I achieved them and the inside scoop on a free resource that allowed me to have 28 quality backlinks published by the end of month two!!

For those who did take a look, here is a very brief recap. I managed to increase my page views to over 1000 per month, I published two more affiliate focused articles with high keyword volumes, had 16 more backlinks published and started dabbling in Pinterest a little.

My biggest win of all is that I made, not one but, two affiliate sales and surpassed my $1 income target to pull in a hefty $8.51! Very happy with this, especially because both of those sales came from organic search traffic to my affiliate articles. At only two months into blogging I consider this to be a huge accomplishment!

“This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link.”


Goal – 2000 page views

Last month my goal was 1000 page views and I ended up with just over 1400. You may be wondering why I’m not aiming higher? Well last month I was still participating in a few “click through” pin threads or “traffic” threads on Facebook groups etc.

Quite honestly, I’ve realised that was a mistake. Sure, it makes for great looking numbers but, essentially, it is just fake traffic to my site. I’d rather concentrate on building a real audience through organic search or social media.


  • Share new blog posts to Facebook – I have less than 30 followers and do nothing else on there but I figure sharing a post I publish takes very minimal time so why not.
  • Ramp up my Pinterest game – I’ve started dabbling and now it’s time to get serious. One social media isn’t much to ask and Pinterest is the easiest option for me. I can use Tailwind to schedule pins and do some manual pinning in 10 minutes I get spare each day.
  • Continually improve affiliate posts – I am always trying to find ways to rank better in Google. I will keep going back to my affiliate posts to see what improvements can be made to increase my Google ranking and therefore organic traffic.


Goal 1 – Publish three affiliate focused articles

Ok, so big goal for me right here! Three articles may not seem like a lot but when I only really commit 15 hours per week this is big. These articles are in no way quick for me to write. I do a lot of in depth keyword research beforehand and write detailed keyword plans before actually writing the articles. When I write one of these I really focus on trying to be the best article in Google for my main keyword. That means long, informative, super helpful articles with heaps of different components.

Goal 2 – Earn $10 affiliate income

Again, it’s not a massive figure but one I would be incredibly happy with this month! I fully didn’t expect to earn any affiliate income at all for the first four to six months, so earning $10 in one month would be a great start!


  • Time management – Yes this was here last month and it’s here again! I failed miserably at not scrolling through social media and will admit I spent a lot of time procrastinating. This month I better knuckle down because this baby is not waiting for anyone!
  • Links to affiliate posts – Last month I found a couple great opportunities to build backlinks specifically to one of my affiliate posts. It is that same article that ranks on page 3 in Google and got me my first affiliate sale. All that at just one month old? Can’t be a coincidence! So I want to try and build equally relevant backlinks to all my affiliate articles.


Goal – Have 10 more links published and increase DA to 20

Once I get my DA to 20, I think I’ll stop tracking this all together. Really DA is a bit of an arbitrary number and is not used by Google at all. Unfortunately though, a lot of bloggers want to know DA when asking to work with them or get links from their site. Once I’m out of the teens, I feel like it will just be a little easier to be taken seriously.


  • Easy Links – I will be focusing on gaining quick and easy links (keeping them relevant of course). No more hours spent guest posting for other people when I barely have enough time to write for myself anyway. I have a few specific ways of gaining some fairly easy links and base all my success on this free e-mail challenge I came across.
  • Blogger Relationships – I wanted to focus on building some relationships last month. Although I’m becoming a lot more familiar with people in some of my Facebook groups, I still haven’t really connected with people like I had hoped.


  • 1. 2000 page views
  • 2. Publish 3 affiliate articles
  • 3. Earn $10 affiliate income
  • 4. 10 more relevant links published & DA of 20


  • Apply to Google Adsense – Just in case something miraculous happens and one of my pins or posts goes viral whilst I’m off. I am definitely not a lover of adverts though, so I’ll be adding them very sparingly.
  • Posts ready to publish – I have actually been collecting submissions for 4 collaborative posts over the last few weeks. I want to have these written up and scheduled so I have some content rolling out whilst I’m on maternity leave.
  • Organise Pinterest – I’ve been dabbling in Pinterest and by mid June I would like to have a good months worth of pins scheduled through tailwind. I will still pop on now and again to pin manually (hello bored breastfeeding mum time!) but I don’t want to have to put too much effort into it.

Final Thoughts

So that’s everything for this month. Once again I start the month both optimistic and slightly nervous that I might look a bit foolish by the time June is over!

If you think I have missed anything super important out or I should be focusing some of my energy elsewhere, please let me know! I am always interested to receive constructive criticism.

In the meantime, if you would like to take a look at my previous growth reports and goals, you can find them here….

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