Minbie Premium PPSU Bottles & Teats Review

I breastfed both of my daughters, the first until about 9 months and the second until 6 months. I was lucky with my eldest and she weened herself onto the bottle straight away!

Fast forward 2 years and I thought things with my youngest would be a breeze too. Boy, was I wrong though. She was not a fan of the bottle no matter how hard I tried!

If only I’d known about Minbie bottles and teats. Unfortunately, it’s too late for me but maybe not for you – let’s take a look at what sets these bottles apart!

Quick Minbie Bottles Review Summary



Overall Thoughts

The Minbie PPSU bottles and teats not only look great, they are also made from high quality materials and well worth a go if you’re struggling to transition from breast to bottle.

What Sets the Minbie Bottles & Teats Apart?

Minbie claims to have totally rethought the bottle teat with their patented design. It certainly looks different to any other bottle teat on the market and it’s easy to see how this teat mimics a natural breastfeeding motion.

Their teats are designed to closely mimic the instinctive feeding motion of a newborn. This not only helps transition from breast to bottle but also helps to avoid nipple confusion, bottle rejection, latching issues, colic and reflux.

The new PPSU bottles are made from a medical grade plastic that is free  from BPA, BPS, Bisphenol’s, estrogenic and androgenic activity. They are super durable, resistant to heat, dishwasher safe and don’t degrade with sterilisation.

Minbie Bottles First Thoughts

Minbie kindly sent us the 6 month to 18 month bundle to take a look at. This meant that both my 8 month old niece and 18 month old daughter could have a bottle each to test!

The parcel arrived super quick and in a compact little package with adorable illustrations on. All of the teats were sent inside the bottles to avoid extra packaging and there was minimal plastic involved which I really appreciated.

The first thing that struck me though was how attractive the bottles are! I absolutely adored the beautiful amber colour and the embossed measurements and logo really gave a luxury feel.

My youngest (now 18 months) had zero issues with the different shaped teat so although she’s been exclusively breastfed for some time now, it’s nice to see that the bottles can still be used once breastfeeding is over.

Minbie Bottles & Teats Features


Overall I thought the bottles and teats were really high quality. My daughter has a bad habit of biting and chewing on bottle teats but they are holding up really well.

There are some particular features that we think really make these bottles stand out though:

Safety – Bottles are made from medical grade PPSU that is free from BPA, BPS, Bisphenol’s, estrogenic and androgenic activity. Teats are made from a high quality german sourced silicone that’s 100% safe.

Durability – Both the bottles and teats are extra tough, heat resistant, shatter resistant and doesn’t warp or crack in the dishwasher or steriliser.

Natural Feeding Action – The patented teat design really sets these bottles apart. It’s specially designed to nurture babies instinctive breastfeeding action as well as avoid teat confusion, lazy latching, reflux, encourage good digestion and strengthen suckling. 

Size Range – The selection of sizes and teat flow rates is impressive. Not to mention the range of different bundles on offer that help you save a ton of money. Bottles come in 210ml or 270ml and teats are available in 0+ Extra Slow, 1+ Slow, 3P Paced, 3+ Medium, 6P Paced, 6+ Fast & 9+ Advanced.

Minbie Bottles In Use

So, are the Minbie bottles and teats actually good to use and easy to adjust to?

As mentioned, my daughter is now older and fully weaned but I wanted to know if the Minbie range are good for all ages so I thought I’d start with her.

Once we finally got her switched to the bottle she was a great feeder and we’ve never had any problems. She has always used the same brand of bottles though so I wasn’t sure how she would take the switch. I didn’t mention anything to her and instead just gave her the new Minbie with a 9+ advanced teat on.

I wasn’t sure how it would go but, after one inquisitive look at this new shaped bottle, she just guzzled the whole thing down as usual. She then held the bottle for a few minutes afterward and rubbed the embossed logo which I was surprised at as usually she just launches the bottle across the room. That will be a test for durability next time!!

What About Younger Babies?

After receiving the 18 month olds stamp of approval, it was time for a much tougher test! My niece is about 8 months old right now and a huge lover of breastfeeding. She will take a bottle occasionally but let’s just say that she has to. bein a very good mood!

Unfortunately, this was a mixed result. We struggled to get her to self feed with the bottle whilst laid on her back. The milk kept squirting on her face and that would then put her in a cranky mood. However, when I fed her the bottle in my arms (impossible for mum or she will just want to breastfeed so we’ll work up to that) she happily drank without any problems at all. I was honestly expecting a bit more of a fight so it was a pleasant surprise! 

So, Are They Really Worth It?

We had slightly mixed results but the positives far outweighed the negatives. I think bub will get the hang of self feeding laid down eventually, we maybe just need to play around trying different teat sizes and positioning so I’ll update the article after some more use.

Overall though, I’m really happy and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Minbie range to other mums. I think they’re good value and if you really want to mix feed or transition to bottle feeding what’s the harm in trying something specifically designed for that purpose!

The ultimate bundle in particular seems like great value with 4 bottles and 16 teats and I suspect it would be the only set you need thanks to the wide range of flow rates in the teats! 

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Sophie Marie

Sophie Marie is passionate about providing the very best for her kids and her family. She spends half of the year living in an isolated community in Far North Queensland so online research and finding the best products is a skill she's perfected over time.
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