Kid Safe Blackout Blinds – Which Ones To Get For Peace Of Mind

When it comes to kids bedrooms, it’s pretty common to choose curtains over blinds.  There’s an inherent danger with blinds that have parents running the other way – the cords.  Times are changing, with blackout window coverings being a popular option to help kids sleep, and parents are now asking, “Are there kid-safe blackout blinds?”.

Well, good news – yes, modern blind developments have made kid-safe blackout blinds a reality!

So, What Are Blackout Window Coverings?

You’d be forgiven if you aren’t sure what blackout window coverings are; for many years the traditional consumers have been shift workers who had grown tired of lining their windows with alfoil, cardboard, and ply.

Blackout curtains and blinds also referred to as “blockout”, are specially designed to keep out all light from a room.  This is usually achieved through heavy, dark fabrics and linings as well as other non-penetrable materials.

The result has midday feeling like midnight.  In fact, the night feels even more like night as these fixtures will cut out light cast by the moon and streetlights.  You can see why shift workers favour them!

This makes them especially great for kids, to create a cosy and dark sleeping environment that encourages a quality daytime nap and reduces the chances of sleep disruption at night.

What Are The Best Options For Kids Blackout Blinds?

It was not too many years ago when the danger of having blinds accessible to small children was the hot topic for parents decorating nurseries and bedrooms.  Vertical blinds were held together with strings prone to detaching and blinds moved through a string-based pulley system.

Thankfully, the industry has found ways to innovate solutions that have resulted in some terrific child and pet-friendly blind options.

1.     Fixed Track Roller Blinds

Fixed Track Roller Blinds are a top option.  They’re minimalist, stylish and a really neat and tidy window covering.

These blinds are locked into a fixed track on each side that is designed to keep the blind in place and prevent light from peeking in the sides. Do you know what else is great about this? If you leave a window open, they don’t bang in the breeze!

They’re tough! A quality fixed track roller blind is sturdy and difficult to dislodge, making it ideal for kids – they can be a little rougher than we’d like at times.

How about cleaning? Cleaning window furnishings can be the absolute worst, but sticky little fingers are no problem! The flat design of fixed track roller blinds make dusting, wipe downs, and spot cleans a breeze.

The clincher for the fixed track roller blinds are the safety features. They have a simple pull-down mechanism, completely removing the need for any cords. There’s also nothing for little fingers to get trapped and squished in.

2.     Panel Glides

Another incredibly stylish and family-friendly option is the Panel Glide blinds, which offer blackout finish as an option.

Panel glides are designed for larger windows, making them ideal for nurseries and bedrooms with large windows and sliding exterior doors.  These blinds can be extended beyond the window frame to allow better access, during waking hours, to the views outside.

While this is on a more traditional tracking system, no cords are linking the panels together and a simple wand is used to slide the panels rather than a corded pulley system.  There is also nothing to trap and squish little fingers.

This option is also great for cleaning up after kids, with the big flat panels being the perfect design for dusting, wipe downs, and spot cleaning.

Are There Other Products Available Other Than Kids Blackout Blinds?

Sure! Shutters are popular child safe window blinds that can be practical in a kids room and stylish throughout the whole house.  While not strictly designed to be a blackout, the robust nature of the materials, such as PVC and Wood, are fantastic for minimising light in a room.

Be aware, though, that light can creep in at the edges and in joins – research thoroughly to find the ideal shutter solutions for your child’s bedroom.  Look for slats that are designed to sit flush with each other when closed.

There are no cords, which makes them a safe option for kids, but be aware of some styles that are hinged may be a little unfriendly to tiny fingers.  Ensure that the hinged shutters you choose have locking mechanisms to prevent this.

Awnings are another good option.  These days they’re not just the big steel contraptions of long ago – there are models of awning that look like a roller blind, some designed to be blackout, but they’re just outside!

Having an awning outside has the added benefit of not being accessible to kids, but going outside to close a curtain isn’t always ideal.  That said, there are motorised options with many awnings, so closing the awning could be just a button press away.

Since awnings are designed to withstand the weather, cleaning them is often as simple as getting out the garden hose!

Are Blackout Curtains A Good Option?

Just like with the design of blinds and shutters, it depends on the design.  There are many curtains out there, for instance, purporting to be blackout because they are made of dark and heavy fabrics, but when it comes to the crunch, their design still allows light to bleed in at the edges.

Make sure you check that the curtains DO indeed block out the light and that they are correctly installed – you will want the curtain to extend out past the edges of the window on every side enough to prevent the light from getting through. Ensure the curtains correctly overlap in the middle, too – curtains are notorious for their gaps!

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Sophie Marie

Sophie Marie is passionate about providing the very best for her kids and her family. She spends half of the year living in an isolated community in Far North Queensland so online research and finding the best products is a skill she's perfected over time.
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