DIY Watermelon Crafts for Kids

DIY Watermelon Crafts for Kids

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to break out the flip flops and start thinking about how you’ll keep your kids entertained during summer vacation.

If you are looking for an option that doesn’t cost a ton of money, you can’t go wrong with a good craft session.

It wasn’t until I was wandering the grocery store that I noticed a big juicy watermelon and thought about how fun it would be to incorporate it into my kid’s summer crafting! These watermelon crafts are perfect for summer or to learn more about summer produce!

20 DIY Watermelon Crafts for Kids

DIY Watermelon God’s Eye Weaving

From Red Ted Art

First up, here’s one for the slightly older kids. An easy craft to keep kids concentration for an extended period and all you need is some coloured string and lollipop sticks.

Hand Print Art

From Crystal & Co.

All kids love getting messy and trying out some finger painting. This is a cute little craft that doesn’t need any fancy materials. Why not think of some other fruit and veggies you can make with handprints then have your kids write the names underneath.

Torn Paper Watermelon

From Fantastic Fun & Learning

No equipment needed and no fancy materials either. Tearing paper is easy for even the youngest kids and they’ll love using their fingers to splotch the “seeds” onto the picture!

Easy Paper Fan Watermelon Craft

From The Kindergarten Connection

Paper Plate Watermelon

Paper plates are an essential to have in stock if you have crafty kids at home. They’re so versatile and there are heaps of different uses for them. These watermelon fans aren’t just cute – they’re functional too.

From Easy Peasy & Fun

Another fun use for paper plates, we love these bright and colourful watermelon paintings. A great relaxing way to spend some quiet time.

Watermelon Paper Plate Craft

From Coffee Cups & Crayons

Yet another great paper plate craft. This watermelon craft is super easy for kids of all ages and chances are you’ll have everything you need at home already!

Footprint Watermelon Craft

From Crafty Morning

These cute little watermelon footprints are a great project to let your little ones get a little messy. They would make a great memento to keep on the fridge or could even be cut out to make into homemade cards for grandparents.

W is for Watermelon Puffy Paint Letter Craft

From The Kindergarten Connection

My toddler loves puffy paint! It’s something a little bit different to our usual painting activities and I love this fun watermelon spin on it.

Easy Watermelon Craft & Counting Game

From Homeschool Preschool

A fun way for your little one to spend some time painting one of their favourite snacks and then a counting game for afterwards to make the whole thing educational.

Watermelon Paper Plate Craft

From Glue Sticks & Gumdrops

These watermelon slices would be a great craft if you have kids that love playing kitchens or restaurants. They’re simple to make and you can easily use them to encourage imaginative play.

Watermelon Suncatchers

From Crafts by Amanda

These suncatchers are a unique little DIY watermelon craft that’s sure to bring some joy to your little one when they see how the light dances and plays from them hanging in the window.

Paper Plate Watermelon Craft

From Crafts on Sea

Another cute paper plate watermelon craft that uses mini pom poms for the seeds! We have tons of these all over the house so I’m sure we’ll be giving it a go.

Wacky Melon Pen Pal Craft

From Craft Create Cook

If you have kids that love getting mail or simply want to surprise a grandparent with a cute homemade card, these watermelon letters are just the thing. A super cute way to let kids send letters or postcards to people they care about.

Watermelon Bookmark/Word Pointer

From Sunny Day Family

This adorable little watermelon reading craft can be used as a bookmark for slightly older kids or a word pointer when reading with your littlies. Learning to read has never been quite so adorable!

Watermelon Counting Game

From Kids Activities

This magnetic watermelon counting game is a fun craft to make and then doubles as an educational activity for kids.

Watermelon Painted Rock

From Craft Create Cook

Painted rocks have become super trendy recently and these cute little watermelon ones would make a lovely craft to build concentration in older kids.

Paper Craft Watermelons

From Moms & Crafters

These paper craft watermelon slices are surprisingly simple to make and look super professional. They would make a great addition to any kids play kitchen or restaurant.

Watermelon Play Dough

From Sugar Spice & Glitter

Play Dough that’s so good you might have to stop your little one from tucking in for a taste! When I first saw the photo for this craft I honestly thought it was a bowl of strawberry ice-cream or sorbet! This would make a great sensory play activity for toddlers.

Puffy Paint Watermelon Craft

From Crafty Morning

More fluffy paint and another craft that looks positively good enough to eat! The texture of this fluffy paint is a great sensory experience for young kids.

Do you have a favourite fruit themed craft to keep your little ones entertained? We’d love to hear about them!

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