Finding The Best Travel Stroller, Australia 2021

Being parents poses many challenges, and finding the best travel stroller, Australia, is one of them. If you’re a traveller from Australia or even a foreigner, the best travel stroller system is the one that provides comfort, security, and value for money. Having the best light travel stroller makes travelling easy and eliminates the hassle of handling a bulky pram.

While searching for the top travel strollers, there are a lot of factors that should be considered. The best pram for travel should be the one that is compact, lightweight, and does not compromise on the other essential features. Usually, what happens is that some brands claim to have the best travel strollers Australia has, but they lack the necessary features.

This guide is to help you find the best travel pram Australia currently has. I have written this specific guide and reviewed the items in the list along with their pros and cons to help you assess the situation and come up with an informed decision about the best travel pushchair so that it makes travelling with your kids easy and hassle free.

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Our Pick for the Best Stroller for Travelling: Easy Walker Buggy XS

My top travel stroller option has to be the Easy Walker Buggy XS because it’s small, lightweight, packs down easily and quickly but is still quality and sturdy enough to use as an everyday stroller at home too.

Comparison Chart

Here’s a quick comparison of all the best travel pram Australia reviewed in this article.

ProductSuitable forStroller WeightDimensionsRatingPrice
Easywalker Buggy XS
to 4 years
6.0kgW: 44cm (unfolded)
44cm (folded)
L: 76cm (unfolded)
52cm (folded)
H: 76cm (unfolded)
23cm (folded)
Baby Jogger City Tour
to 20.5kg
6.5kgW: 45cm
L: 43.5cm
H: 56.5 cm
Joolz Aer
6 months
to 18kg
6.0kgL: 53.5cm x
W: 45cm x
H: 21.5cm
Bugaboo Bee 6
to 22kg
L: 90cm
W: 46.5cm
H: 35cm
to 20 kg
10.8kgH: 99.5cm
W: 57.5cm
L: 108cm
6 months
to 15kg
4.25kgH: 74cm
W: 44.4cm
L: 99cm
Maxi Cosi Zelia
to 22kg
9.5kgL: 57.15 x
W: 57.15 x
H: 86 cm
Phil & Teds
to 4 years
H: 54cm
W: 44cm
L: 19cm
Mountain Buggy
to 20kg
H: 51 cm
W: 54cm
L: 30cm
Cybex Eezy S
Cybex Eezy S Stroller, Lavastone Black
up to
22 kg
0.5kgL: 37 x
W: 20.5 x
H: 2 cm

Best Pram for Travel Reviews

Take a look at our best travel pram reviews and choose which one is the best for you personally. 

Easywalker Buggy XS


  • Suitable for: Newborn to 4 years
  • Stroller Weight: 6.0kg
  • Unfolded Dimensions (L x W x H): 76cm x 44cm x 76 cm

Easywalker Buggy XS could be the best compact pram as it is super small, lightweight, foldable, and easy to carry around. It is suitable for babies from birth up to 16kgs, and it just weighs under 6.5Kg, making it the best stroller to travel with.

Even single handedly, this pram is easy to push and comes with all the great features you can expect from a great travel stroller. The Buggy folds down pretty quickly and compactly, making it ideal for placing in the boot for a day of shopping or going through airports while traveling the world. It folds into a perfect self standing unit when you have your hands full, but it also means that it can be conveniently placed on a plane in the overhead compartment.

It has soft, cozy fabrics and is completely padded. The Easywalker Buggy XS has an adjustable sun canopy with a sneak peek glass, can sufficiently recline, and comes with a cover to protect from rain. So if you’re looking for a comfortable, compact and easy to carry stroller, the Easywalker Buggy XS is the best option for you.

What we love

  • Compact and easy to move with one hand
  • Easily foldable and can be placed in a small compartment
  • Comfortable and padded fabrics

What we don’t love

  • Price is a little higher than some other options

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Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Stroller Jet

It is easy to drag and maneuver. My child is very comfortable with this pram. Easy to bring everywhere especially carryon on planes. – Elenor T.


  • Suitable for: Newborn to 20.5kg
  • Stroller Weight: 6.5kg
  • Dimensions: 45 x 43.5 x 56.5 cm

If you’re after the best reclining travel stroller that will take you from your casual walks in the park to frequent family holidays, then the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Stroller Jet is a great option. Your baby will be able to sleep comfortably when you’re out and about, thanks to the nearly flat recline. The reclining seat and dynamic calf support to aid your growing child’s legs are both excellent features of this lightweight travel buggy.

It also folds up neatly and compactly with a click of a button, all while only requiring one hand. It also ships with its carry bag type backpack, making it suitable to fit into the overhead storage compartment comfortably.

Other highlights include the super large sun canopy, comfortable 5-point harness, multi position seat, and front wheels that can be set to rotate or locked and include wheel suspensions. These features help this super lightweight stroller to make it to the best lightweight prams list.

What we love

  • Large sun canopy
  • Reclining seat and calf support
  • Folds up neatly

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Joolz Aer Stroller

This pram ticks all the boxes and I can’t recommend it enough! Thank you Joolz for creating in my opinion, the best compact stroller out there! – Rach


  • Suitable for: 6 Months to 18kg
  • Stroller Weight: 6.0kg
  • Folded Dimensions (L x W x H): 53.5 x 45 x H 21.5cm

It’s an ultra compact stroller that’s perfect for parents who need one stroller for daily use and travel. This is a compact pram with just a width of 44cm, making it easy to drive down the airplane aisle. With only a hand and within about one second, it also folds down neatly and compactly. When not in use, the over the shoulders carry strap makes it convenient to transport.

The Joolz Aer has a wide backrest to make sure your little one is relaxed, despite being a narrow and lightweight stroller. A reclining seat with ventilation, an enlarged UPF50+ sun canopy, and a large storage basket are some features of this best baby stroller for travel.

So, if you’re looking for another travel stroller best daily pram that can also act as a travel companion, the Joolz Aer is an excellent option to consider.

What we love

  • Wide backrest
  • Reclining seat with ventilation
  • Large storage basket

What we don’t love

  • Less width than other available options
  • Price is relatively higher than other options available in the market

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Bugaboo Bee 6

So easy to use, fold, best sun protection, light and much better suspension than our big pram! Wish we bought bugaboo from the start! – Michelle


  • Suitable for: Newborn to 22kg
  • Stroller Weight: 9.4kg
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 90 x 46.5 x 35 cm

The Bugaboo Bee 6 is a sturdy yet lightweight stroller, and it can be folded with one hand easily, so it’s much easier to carry while keeping your baby close. In this best toddler travel stroller, there is also an incorporated self-stand that is useful not only for those occasions when you are out and about but also at home for storage purposes. The stroller folds perfectly into a box that you can place almost anywhere without any issue.

The stroller’s adjustable seat unit is made of a high quality seat fabric for extra comfort and ventilation. Simply change the seat to the optimum angle for your child to see everything from their chosen viewpoint.

The larger-than-average, puncture-proof wheels are the key features that separate this stroller from others allowing it to be categorized as the best travel pram. This stroller offers a smooth push with just one hand, coupled with an innovative suspension and enhanced shock resistance to provide maximum comfort.

What we love

  • Puncture proof wheels
  • High quality seat fabric
  • Enhanced shock resistance and advanced suspension

What we don’t love

  • Complicated basket access
  • Highly expensive

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Panorama Travel System


  • Suitable for: Newborn to 20kg
  • Stroller Weight: 10.8kg
  • Dimensions: 99.5cm x 57.5cm x 108cm

This stroller has the particular features that make this stroller the best lightweight stroller for travel. It comes with a detachable seat which is suitable for newborns. It has been specifically designed to allow smooth control. No adapters are necessary to attach the car seat to the Panorama travel system. This rear-facing car seat has side impact protection and supportive harness pads and is ideal from birth to 13kg.

The reversible seat and the ability to recline allow the Panorama Travel System to be the best travel stroller for newborn kids.It has an extendable hood and rain cover ensuring comfort and safety simultaneously.

What we love

  • Four wheel suspension
  • Extendable hood and rain cover

What we don’t love

  • Difficult to fold and unfold
  • Only suitable for newborn kids
  • Compact and might not be suitable for chubby kids

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4Baby Everyday Stroller Charcoal


  • Suitable for: 99.5cm x 57.5cm x 108cm
  • Stroller Weight: 4.25kg
  • Dimensions: 74cm x 44.4cm x 99cm

For families searching for the best travel stroller under $100, the 4Baby Everyday stroller is the best choice. This is a relatively inexpensive travel buggy that is great for parents only wanting something easy and convenient for toddlers who might still want to be driven in a stroller from time to time.

The 4Baby Daily stroller is a lightweight canopy pram, which is the perfect form of a stroller for moving a toddler around while also having the convenience of folding it. The best stroller for travel is one that is incredibly light and compact, like the 4Baby, which weighs just 4.25kg and is by far the most lightweight stroller in these reviews! It is suitable for kids from six months to about 15kgs.

This stroller does not have anything luxurious, but it features a sun canopy, footrest and a safety harness.

What we love

  • Relatively cheap
  • Lightweight and compact

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Maxi Cosi Zelia

Awesome pram. I love how light it is! Brakes work seamless, love the colour. – Stacey


  • Suitable for: Newborn to 22kg
  • Stroller Weight: 9.5kg
  • Dimensions: 57.15 x 57.15 x 86 cm

Maxi Cosi Zelia is a skilfully built pushchair and undoubtedly the best pram for traveling. While it might be built keeping the city life in mind, it can handle a wide range of terrains and conditions with ease.

For people searching for the best travel stroller for infants, their search ends here. It provides everything a parent and baby needs. When required, the bassinet transforms to a seat unit efficiently and simply, and the Zelia can also be used as a travel unit.

It’s worth noting that the seat unit is thin, so taller toddlers’ heads can brush up against the hood. In doorways and shops, the wide rear wheelbase can challenge your driving skills, but overall the Zelia gives a fun, easy, and artful movement while also being comfortable at all times for the child.

What we love

  • Can transform into a seat unit
  • Compact and travel friendly

What we don’t love

  • Thin seat unit may cause discomfort to taller toddlers 
  • Wide rear wheel base can cause difficulty in maneuvering

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Phil & Teds Go Buggy

Bought this stroller for our Europe/Asia trip and it was great! No issues taking it on board, even on the cheaper Europe airlines, as it fits into the overhead locker easily. – Trish


  • Suitable for: Newborn to 4 years
  • Stroller Weight: 5.0kg
  • Folded Dimensions: 54 x 44 x 19 cm

This is the best stroller for travel Australia can offer. It’s super lightweight, portable, and comes with a reasonable price tag, making it the perfect pram for travel and home use. The Phil & Teds Go Buggy covers all the bases. This is one of the lightest prams in these reviews, weighing in at only 5kgs, which is perfect for babies from birth.

This light traveling baby stroller is a full-size pram and can recline fully flat so that it is ideal for babies to have naps when travelling. Plus, it’s compatible with a travel system or car seat for children, so it’s also ideal for your regular pram.

It is convenient to fold the Phil & Ted Go Buggy down as well. Other excellent attributes of this best lightweight, portable stroller include suspension, foot brake, puncture proof wheels, 5-point harness strap, wide UPF50+ sun canopy, and an under seat basket. 

What we love

  • Reasonably priced
  • Ultra light weight
  • Compatible with car seat

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Mountain Buggy Nano Travel Stroller


  • Suitable for: Newborn to 20kg
  • Stroller Weight: 5.9kg
  • Folded Dimensions (H x W x L): 51 x 54 x 30cm

The Mountain Buggy Nano is yet another best folding travel stroller with many useful features. It’s also the only stroller you’ll ever need as it fits newborns up to children weighing just under 20 kg right through.

This is an outstandingly light stroller at six kg. So light that you can easily take this stroller with you as carry on luggage. It has a basic two-step lightweight fold and is unbelievably compact, about the same size as a regular backpack. Great for storage on a plane in the overhead compartments or in the boot of your car .

Although the stroller with its bassinet accessory called a cocoon (purchased separately) is ready for newborn babies, it can also be used with an infant car seat. Plus, with the capacity to carry a child up to 20kg, long even before the stroller outgrows your child, your child will outgrow this stroller. This stroller is stuffed full of functions and is the best pram stroller for a reason. A removable tray table, EVA wheels, suspension for the rear wheel, and a 5-point safety harness are included.

The Mountain Buggy Nano is the ideal option for parents looking to stop purchasing several strollers over the years. This is the last and only stroller you’ll ever need.

What we love

  • Ultra compact size
  • Can be used as an infant car seat
  • Can support newborns as well as kids upto 20kg 

What we don’t love

  • Folding requires time

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Cybex Eezy S Stroller

Cybex Eezy S Stroller, Lavastone Black


  • Suitable for: up to 22kg
  • Stroller Weight: 0.5kg
  • Dimensions: 37 x 20.5 x 2 cm

The Cybex Eezy S Stroller is a highly convenient, easy to use travel stroller that comes packed with multiple useful features making it an excellent travel option.

The Cybex Eezy S Stroller is the best compact travel stroller that can suit families for daily use and family vacations. It is a compact and reasonably lightweight pram that is fun to move, weighing at around 7kgs.

If you’re looking for the best travel stroller for toddlers and don’t mind the high price, the Cybex Eezy S might be the best option for you. This flexible stroller is ideal for newborns up to babies weighing 22 kilograms and is lightweight enough to be taken as carry-on luggage on flights. Additionally, it incorporates an easy to use one handed fold mechanism, which lets you hold on to your luggage or have a tight grasp on your child’s hand as you fold it.

This Cybex Eezy S Twist can be used with a travel system that requires a bassinet or a travel-system-compatible capsule. Other nice features include an extended XXL canopy, extended sun visor, and smooth four wheel suspension.

What we love

  • One hand fold mechanism
  • Compatible with travel system
  • Smooth four wheel suspension

What we don’t love

  • High price
  • Weighs more than other available options

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an image of the best travel stroller at the park

Types of the Best Travel Prams?

Traveling with children is a very different experience than traveling alone or with other adults. There are several factors to take into account when deciding on how to travel with children and what to carry while traveling with children. You should think about whether or not a small travel stroller can make your life simpler or more difficult while traveling. Although some families feel the need to take their travel buggy, others tend to leave it at home.  

The best stroller for airplane travel is a super light stroller with just the basic features in terms of functionality that can be folded down compactly. However, there are many lightweight daily strollers suitable for use as travel strollers. What type of stroller is best for you will be determined by your particular circumstances. These travel prams reviews have been written to make the decision easy for you regarding what best baby travel pram suits your needs.

Some common stroller types to consider for a stroller are mentioned below.

Travel Stroller

The best travel stroller toddlers love is the one that is simple to fold, typically with only one hand, and it is very lightweight once folded. They are lightweight and come with a carrying strap or pack. If you fly regularly and want to carry your pram on board the plane, a travel stroller is perfect.

Travel strollers are made of durable materials to endure the abuse they get from being dragged in and out of vehicles several times, as well as being checked as luggage on an airplane. You can find the best air travel stroller according to your needs in these reviews.

A travel stroller’s drawback is that it may lack such characteristics as sunshades that provide sufficient coverage, cup holders, or storage baskets. Most travel strollers are not ideal for newborns, with most being best suited for babies aged six months and up. Read the reviews to find out more about the best reclining travel pram you can find.

Umbrella Stroller

The majority of travel strollers resemble umbrella strollers in appearance. Umbrella strollers are very simple strollers that are incredibly lightweight and fold up relatively compact.

Umbrella strollers are typically affordable, making them suitable for those looking for a low-cost travel pram. However, this is primarily because they are not as reliable as a travel pram and are only used on rare occasions. You can read the reviews and find out the best umbrella stroller for travel as per your needs.

An umbrella stroller lacks many of the features found on most prams, such as sun shades that provide sufficient coverage, storage rack cup holders, and the option to recline. Many umbrella strollers aren’t appropriate as a travel carriage for newborns, and most are only suitable for children aged six months and up. If you’re looking for compactness and simplicity, you should go for the best umbrella stroller Australia has.


Although jogger prams aren’t generally thought of as the best holiday pushchair option, they can be compact and are a good option for parents who want to use the same pram for both travel and daily use.

A jogger pram is intended explicitly for the proactive parent who wishes to drive their child when running. They can, nevertheless, be useful for travel because they typically have bigger, lockable all terrain wheels that allow you to move your baby over a variety of surfaces. They generally have bigger wheels and firmer suspension, making them easier to navigate.

Large sun canopy, the ability to recline, cup holders, and good sized storage baskets are standard features seen on jogger strollers.

A jogger stroller isn’t going to be the lightest travel pram, nor will it be the best stroller for flying, but there are some decent choices.

Features of the Best Stroller for Travel

Age & Weight Of Child

Travel strollers are usually appropriate for children as young as six months old or as young as birth, so double check to make sure the stroller you buy is right for your child. If your kid is already six months or older, you won’t be worried about whether or not it’s a portable stroller for newborn babies; but, if your child is younger than six months, you’ll want to make sure you get enough out of it. Some strollers are only ideal for children weighing up to 15 kilograms, while others can accommodate children weighing up to 22 kilograms. The best travel stroller would be the one that is also the best reclining travel stroller and the best cheap travel stroller.

The age range of any stroller reviewed in this guide is listed in the review section to help you buy a light, lightweight stroller that is appropriate for your child and is the best holiday stroller for you.

Size and Weight

For most people, the most important thing to consider when purchasing a lightweight travel pram is the pram’s weight and size, both when folded and when in use. After all, if the travel folding stroller you purchase is large and heavy, it will be uncomfortable.

A fold up travel stroller that has been built explicitly for travel would be lightweight, but there is still a lot of variety between the various versions. The best travel baby stroller weighs between five and six kilograms. There are also lighter prams and thereafter heavy options – it will all depend on your particular needs. If you’re looking for the best stroller for air travel, the lighter would be the better. However, if you’re looking for a lightweight newborn pram that will last until your kid is well into their toddler years, you’ll need to go with something a little heavier.

Foldability and Portable

A typical daily pram will have a few hooks and buttons and will need a simple adjustment to fold down. Since you’ve already put your child in the car or inside the house, you’ll generally have both hands free. This isn’t always the situation when traveling, particularly if you’re passing through an airport and have your hands full. As a result, the best foldable stroller for travel is one that is quick to fold, preferably with only one hand and a single button press.

Look for a compact folding travel stroller with its carry harness or bag so you can quickly transport it through the airport or up the hotel stairs.


Every parent’s primary concern, particularly when buying a travel stroller, is their child’s safety. Being in a different environment and not knowing where you are can be fascinating and frustrating at the same time, and the last thing you want to be worried about is your child’s wellbeing while in their stroller.

Many great safety qualities to look for in travel strollers include a five point safety belt, a durable build, brake mechanisms, and if the stroller has side cover to prevent kids from falling out or dropping different toys they might be carrying.

Wheels and Shocks

While going to different parts of the world, you will experience several surfaces, ranging from well kept footpaths to cobbled streets and uneven walkways with cracks. As a result, for easy moving and a comfortable ride, a stroller with decent quality wheels and shocks is necessary.

Strollers with rubber coated plastic wheels are not recommended because they are more likely to slip off on rough surfaces. Strollers with air filled or foam filled wheels are more sturdy and ideally suited to rugged, rocky terrain. Look for strollers with robust suspension systems for a smoother ride.


One of the essential aspects of a travel stroller for young children is the ability to recline. Getting the right reclining travel stroller helps young children to sleep if they’re in a crowded airport or out sightseeing for the day.

Needless to say, having a reclined fold up pram for travel adds weight and bulk, but if your child still naps during the day, this is a feature worth having.


Q1: Should You Buy a Specific Stroller for Travel?

Your standard stroller will most probably take up all of your luggage space, while the best stroller for travel is compact and lightweight, taking up very little space and leaving ample room for other travel supplies like luggage and carry on bags.

Compact prams also almost always have a one-handed fold feature, making it much easier to immediately fold down the stroller when trapped in a crowded airport or waiting for a cab on the roadside.

This does not necessitate purchasing two prams, one for use at home and one for use on the street. It is possible to find ones that are ideal for both. They will, however, be more expensive.

Q2: Why Should You Consider a Lightweight Stroller for Travel?

When it comes to selecting a fold up stroller for travel, one of the most important things to consider is its weight.

Since you’ll need to hold the stroller periodically when traveling, the weight of the stroller is a crucial factor. Many accommodations in places like Asia and Europe don’t have lifts, and getting a bulky stroller into and out of the boot of a car can be a hassle.

Take a look at our full article on the best double pram and best portacot to complete your travel essentials!

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