What Are The Best Toys For 6 Month Old, Australia 2020

What Are The Best Toys For 6 Month Old, Australia 2020

It can be hard to find the best baby toys for 6 – 12 months old will find entertaining for more than 3 seconds. Babies have notoriously short attention spans so finding something that grows with them is essential.

If you’re looking for the best toys for 6 month old Australia can provide, look no further! Our baby toy reviews will give you everything you need in one handy place.

Whether you want the best toys 6 month olds can use to develop language skills, the best developmental toys for 6 – 12 month olds gross motor skills or something else entirely, you’ll find it here.

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Our Pick for the Best Toys for 6 Month Old, Australia

This Melissa and Doug deluxe peg pounding toy is an imaginative twist on the classic design. The peekaboo peg design is fun and as one side is hammered down the other pops back up. Both our kids have loved hammering the pegs and practicing their gross motor skills.

Reviews of Best Baby Toys 6 – 12 Months

Take a look at our best baby toys 6 – 12 months and choose which one is the best for you personally.

Best Developmental Toys for 6 – 12 Months

Multi Sensory Ball Set

This set of bright balls are specially designed for a baby’s hand. Each ball has a different shape and colour to encourage sensory skills. The colours are bright and playful, and each ball plays a sound to attract attention.

The material is soft and easy to grab, and overall these are a fun option for a gift. Although simple, they are designed to encourage visual and auditory senses, as well as hand eye coordination.

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Mobi Zippee

Designed by a team of doctors and parents, this bright, colourful toy encourages baby’s senses, fine motor skills and communication. The different cords each have a different texture and make a different noise when pulled from side to side.

A must for any parent, the Zippee is easily washed too, meaning it’s always safe for little hands and mouths. The colours are bright and stimulating, making it a great option for a developing mind.

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Leapfrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic

This picnic basket toy is just adorable. We have this and my 6 month old loved it. The colours are bright and visually stimulating, while the different shapes and textures are great for touch development.

The basket asks for a particular food (using good manners!) and encourages baby to learn shapes and colours by dropping them through the sorter. There is a wide range of activities, including music, picnic time and the shape sorted, all designed to encourage baby’s development.

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Tomy Hide and Squeak Eggs

This cute little egg carton hides a fun secret! The eggs it contains are specially designed to encourage baby’s development. Each egg has a different shape so baby learns to fit them in their corresponding spot, and each plays a sound when pressed.

The colours are bright and lovely to look at, and its size is perfect for little hands to grab.

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Montessori Simple Shape Puzzle

It may seem early for a puzzle, but my daughter had one from 6 months and loved it! The primary colours are lovely and bright, and the wooden handles are large and easy to grab.

Puzzles, in general, encourage fine motor skills, and this is no different, but it also teaches baby about shapes and colours.

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Best Bath Toys for 6 Month Old

Boon Bath Pipes

We got these pipes when my three year old was 6 months old and they’re still played with to this day. The suction cups mean they stick to the wall easily, so no water getting everywhere!

The colours are bright and each pipe has a unique design. They can be played with separately or together, teaching baby about water and cause and effect.

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Tomy Bath Octopals

This adorable floating bath toy has so many different parts it will keep baby entertained for plenty of bath times! The middle part becomes a scoop, while each of the smaller sections squirt water and suction to the walls.

The bright and interesting design encourages sensory development, while their individual numbers encourage numeracy and matching skills.

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Playgro Paddling Fish

If you’re looking for a cute toy to encourage imagination and fine motor skills, then look no further. This adorable coloured fish encourages hand eye coordination and sensory development.

There are beads to rattle, fins to spin, and a tail to pull to make it swim and splash around the bath. A perfect choice for a fun bath time toy.

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Best Pram Toys for 6 Month Old

CaterBee Activity Spiral

Pram toys are a great gift option because they’re always useful! This activity spiral is gorgeous and has plenty to keep baby occupied on car journeys or trips outside. Each of the four hanging toys is designed to encourage sensory and fine motor development, from shaking to squeezing.

The material is soft and safe, the colours are bright and cheerful, and the toys are the perfect size for those tiny hands. This would look adorable on any car seat, pram or crib.

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Lamaze Captain Calamari

Captain Calamari clips on to strollers and bags to be the perfect travel buddy. His eight different legs all have a different activity to encourage sensory and fine motor skills. From crinkles to rattles to rings, there are plenty of things to keep baby interested.

The soft material is lovely for baby to feel, and the hidden mirror is a lovely peek-a-boo surprise for them to find.

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Best Wooden Toys for 6 Month Old

Melissa & Doung Pound a Peg

This classic hammering toy is a lovely option if you’re looking for a gift to encourage fine motor skills and colour recognition. The coloured pegs are hammered through the holes, which makes the corresponding peg in the opposite row pop back up.

This toy was a favourite for both of our kids between 6 months and 18 months and is a fun twist on the classic simple design. It’s also perfect for parents who prefer to stay away from plastic.

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Melissa & Doug Stacking Train

Who doesn’t love a train? This gorgeous, colourful toy is the perfect toy to encourage imagination and fine motor skills. The colours are bright and vibrant, and the shapes are interesting for little hands to hold.

As well as playing with the train, baby can practice colour and shape matching, and block stacking.

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Best Musical Toys for 6 Month Old

Fisher Price Xylophone

Not every parent will appreciate a loud musical toy, but you can bet every baby will! This adorable pull along xylophone is bright and easy to use. The mallet is even attached so it’ll never get lost.

Encouraging baby’s fine motor skills and hand eye coordination, as well as any burgeoning musical talent, this is a lovely, good quality, toy that any baby will love to play with.

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Musical Gift Set

If you want to go one step further than just one instrument, this gift set is the perfect option. Featuring a bell, maraca, rainmaker, and clip claps, there is plenty to keep baby stimulated and happy for a long time.

Each instrument stimulates baby’s senses (both auditory and visual), and fine motor skills, as well as introducing them to music from a young age.

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Best Stacking Toys for 6 Month Old

PlanToys First Stacking Ring

This wooden stacking toy is simply beautiful. The pastel colours are soft and inviting, and the wood is safe and non-toxic. The different sized ring teaches baby about sizing and order and encourage fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

PlanToys are a sustainable company who make toys from reclaimed rubber wood, and aim to enhance children’s development. This stacking toy is perfect if you’re looking for an environmentally conscious gift.

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Green Toys Stacking Cups

These stacking cups come in three gorgeous colours, and help baby to learn basic numeracy and shapes. The shape of the cups are textural and interesting for baby to hold, developing their sensory skills.

While perfect for day time play, they also work well at bath time to scoop water and learn about water volumes. Perfect if you’re looking for an adaptable, but fun, toy.

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6 to 12 Month Milestones

Babies change so much between 6 and 12 months that it can be confusing if you’re looking to buy them a gift. Are they sitting up? Are they crawling? Some might even be toddling around on two feet! During this time babies go from being pretty immobile to crawling or even walking. 

Yes, I hear you saying, that’s a lot to consider, and it’s confusing! So where to focus your search? Well look no further, because this gift guide will give you plenty of ideas. First though, let’s look at the main developments happening at this age.

Fine Motor Skills

These skills are the coordination of small muscles, such as in the hand, to perform more delicate tasks, such as writing or holding small objects. As you can imagine, these skills are vital in a child’s development, and so if you’re looking for gift ideas, toys that encourage this skill are always a safe bet.

Here’s a small selection of activities/toys that will help develop fine motor skills:

  • Play-dough
  • Colouring and drawing
  • Building blocks
  • Puzzles and jigsaws

Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills involve the larger muscles in the body, and activities such as walking, running and kicking. They require whole body movement, rather than the smaller movements involved in fine motor activities. Six month olds will be starting to sit up on their own, and even scoot themselves forward, so toys which help with these skills are a useful gift.

You could even think about investing in a sit to stand baby walker that your little one can push along when they are ready to start walking.

Here are some activities/toys that will help develop gross motor skills:

  • Toys which move slowly to encourage movement
  • Activity gyms and mats
  • Activity cubes

Language Development

Babies begin to take much more notice of the world around them at six months, they respond to your voice, as well as different noises. A lot of their language development starts with what they hear, and so this age is crucial in developing their skills. There are plenty of toys and activities around to encourage language development for six month olds.

Here’s a selection of activities to help develop language skills:

  • Interact with them!
  • Building blocks or puzzles with the alphabet
  • Toys which repeat sounds
  • Floor mirrors

Sensory Development

As mentioned above, babies begin to understand much more of their world at this age. Their hearing, vision and hand eye coordination all develop, and they begin to learn and remember sights, sounds and textures.

There are plenty of activities/toys you can try to help develop their senses:

  • Reading bright books
  • Change of scenery/viewpoint
  • Toys with a variety of sounds and textures


There are so many great toys out there for 6 month olds. If you’re still finding it hard to pick something, the ones that have been favourites with my kids are the Boon Bath Pipes and the Melissa & Doug Pound a Peg.

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