How to Find The Best Toddler Wagon, Australia 2020

How to Find The Best Toddler Wagon, Australia 2020

Whether you want something your kids can haul their toys around in, or something to actually haul the kids around in, the best toddler wagon is a great addition to any family.

There are heaps of candidates for the best wagon for kids, it’s just a matter of knowing what to look for. If you’re not sure which way to turn, you’re in the right place. From what features to look out for to which specific wagons you might want to consider, we’ll cover everything to find you the best wagon for toddlers.

In this guide, I’ll take you through what to look for when choosing a top rated wagon and share in depth reviews of some of the best wagons on the market. So, whether you’re looking for the best amphibious remote control car, the best toddler pull along wagon, best beach wagon for toddlers, or something else entirely, we’re sure to have it covered.

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My Pick for the Best Toddler Wagon, Australia 2020

My pick for the Best Toddler Wagon, Australia 2020 is the Mac Sports Collapsible Wagon. It’s tough, versatile, and will last long after your toddler grows up. It can handle 68 kg which means it’s perfect for a couple of kids or even just one kid with all of their and your stuff. The Mac Sports Collapsible Wagon has big rubber wheels for an easy ride and can be pulled over almost any terrain. Best of all, it folds up to fit anywhere. 

Best Kids Wagon Comparison Chart

Below is a handy table where you can see all the best children’s wagons reviewed in this article. Keep reading below for more in-depth information on each of these top-rated children’s wagons.

Red Metal
Metal body
Plastic wheels
Monarch Giant
Wooden body
Metal handle,
Rubber wheels
3 yrs old & upCheck
Metal body
& tongue
Plastic wheels &
handle grip
Mac Sports
600D Fabric
Metal framing
Rubber wheels
Metal body
Rubber lined
3 yrs and upCheck
Little Tikes
Green Toys
3 yrs and upCheck
Fire Engine

Rubber wood12 months
and up
Fisher Price
Mega Bloks

Different Types of the Best Wagon for Toddlers

When considering the best wagons for toddlers, there may only be two types of toddler pull along wagons: Those that pull your little kiddos and those that haul the stuff your kiddos put in it.

With these two types of wagons there are many design types, each with its own features and specs. Wagons can range in price from $15 (wagons for the kids to haul their stuff) to $300 (wagons that can haul the kids and their stuff). 

Is it all terrain? Can you take it to the store? The beach? Will it fit into the storage space available in your home? Here we’ll explore several of the best types of both wagons for toddlers.

Why Should I Buy a Toddler Pull Along Wagon?

As your kiddo becomes more mobile, the stroller you relied on will go out of favor, though they will still need a place to rest on the way home from running around the park! So, whether heading to the beach, hiking, a quick trip to the local park, or heading to a farmer’s market there are many uses for a pull along wagon. 

Besides packing your kid, their belongings, and the essentials for a day outside, wagons are more than just a utility item. Depending on the size (a smaller wagon for just toys and stuff, and a larger one for little people and things), wagons can provide hours of entertainment for constantly curious and mobile young adventurers, which any parent knows is invaluable.

Wagons also help toddlers develop fine motor skills and muscles, not to mention practicing their packing and decision making skills. And, wagons generally tend to be cheaper and sturdier than strollers, with many strollers maxing out at around 45kg. The best kids wagons, though, can handle more weight, have more space, and can pack more than one kid.

What to Look for in the Best Wagon for Kids

Here are all of the features you should consider when looking to purchase the best wagon for kids:


The size of the wagon you want to purchase will obviously be determined by several factors. Depending on the number of kiddos in your brood, their ages, and weights you may need a toddler wagon for two. 

For bigger toddlers who’ve outgrown their stroller, a larger wagon may be the better option as it will not only carry them but also provide the same use as a smaller (toy) wagon. And, if your little helper has a little sister or brother, it will give them the opportunity to pull them around for a bit, which is absolutely a fun activity for big brother or sister. 

Another factor to consider with size is where you will store the wagon and whether or not you have the storage space. Collapsible wagons can be stored in the back of the closet, under a bed, in the trunk of a car, etc., but a fixed wagon (a plastic, metal, or wooden frame), for example, will take up more space and likely won’t fit in the trunk of a midsize car. 

Weight Limit

Before making the switch from stroller to wagon, be sure to check the weight limits. I mentioned above that wagons outpace strollers in terms of weight, but don’t worry if you have an older kid, or kids, a larger, sturdier wagon can handle the weight.

Whether or not you can handle pulling the weight should also be factored in. Some wagons can only carry one or two small kids, but others can carry up to 120kg and four kids.

Material & Construction

Now that you’ve determined the size and weight limit of the wagon you want to purchase, you should next consider the material and construction of your future wagon. Wagons are built with four basic materials: plastic, canvas, wooden, and metal (with some overlap). 

Obviously, wagons built from plastic, wood, and metal will be fixed – non collapsible – and sturdier and more resistant to the elements, consider this when thinking about where you will store the wagon. It’s important to point out that some wooden wagons have sides that come off, and there are a few foldable plastic wagons.

It’s also important to consider how your wagon will weather the elements and what elements it will have to weather. Plastic wagons, for example, will hold up better in the elements. If you live close to the beach, the ocean to be specific, the fixed materials will be more resistant to corrosion from salt water, but they will all be heavier which may not be best for navigating the sand! 

Speaking of the best beach wagon for toddlers, collapsible wagons seem to be the better option. They are lighter and easier to dump out after a long day of fun in the sun and sand.

Another factor to consider when thinking about the best fixed or folding wagon for kids is the tires and the type of terrain you’re going to navigate day to day. Streets and sidewalks will require a different type of wheel than, say, a dirt path or sand. Keep this in mind as you shop around for a wagon.


When looking for a new wagon, it’s definitely important to consider safety and what safety features each wagon offers.

For younger kids, if you’re going to purchase a wagon that both hauls stuff and little people than seatbelts, could come in handy. Even if they know how to unfasten the seat belt, several extra seconds of them fumbling with the lock could mean the difference between them taking a nosedive to the sidewalk and you catching them in the act.

Another less obvious safety feature to consider is a design that prevents wagons from tipping over. Especially if big sister or brother will be doing the pulling! 

Of course, whether you’re buying a toy wagon for your toddler to play with or a larger, multi use wagon you should also look at whether there are sharp edges or doors or latches that can pinch little fingers!

Extra Features to Look for

Here are some extra features to look for before you purchasing the best wagon for your toddler: 

  • Storage space for toys, snacks, coolers, etc. 
  • Durability – especially for canvas wagons, look at the frame and whether or not it can actually carry everything you might want to load in it. 
  • Canopies for long walks or time spent in the sun. 
  • Swivel wheels that make it easier to turn and navigate. 
  • Type of tyres you will need for the type of adventuring you’re going to be doing. 
  • Cushioned seats for a more comfortable ride.

Toddler Wagon Reviews

My in-depth reviews will give you a better idea of which of these best rated wagons will be best for your little one.

Red Metal Wagon

This is a cute little red wagon made of metal that would work perfectly for your toddler to pull all their favourite toys in. It’s on the smaller side and the wheels are made of hard plastic so it wouldn’t fit more than one younger kid at a time due to the size and weight capabilities,  but it is a great wagon for little kids to take with them on all their adventures.

The Red Metal Wagon is made of metal so it wouldn’t fade in the elements if left outside, but beware of rust. Red is a classic colour that will help you keep an eye on your toddler when you’re outside together.

  •  Inside Measurement 51 cm (L) x 27 cm (W) x 8 cm (D)
  • Material: metal body, plastic wheels

Click here to check price on Amazon

Monarch Giant Wagon

The Monarch Giant Wagon is a perfect choice for those outings to the park or farmers market when you want to give your kids a break from walking. I love that it has an extra long handle so you don’t have to bend over as you pull it behind you and a 36kg weight capacity so you can fit a couple of smaller kids in it at a time. The wheels are rubber which helps absorb the weight and keep it quiet as you pull it over bumpy sidewalks.

This is a lovely vintage looking wagon with its red wooden crate siding and deep wooden body. The best thing about the siding is that you can take sections off so your toddler can hop in and out without you having to bend over and pick them up constantly.  Even though this wagon is made of wood, all the wooden parts are varnished and the metal is powder coated so it will withstand lots of different kinds of weather. 

  • Dimensions 86 x 40 x 40 cm. 
  • Material: varnished wooden body, metal handle, rubber wheels.

Click here to check price on Amazon

Johnco Wagon

The Johnco Wagon is a classic red metal wagon that could handle one toddler at a time. It has a longer handle so it would work for mum or dad to pull, and your toddler wouldn’t outgrow it as quickly as a wagon with a shorter handle. It would be perfect for shorter excursions like around the neighbourhood or to a local park.

The Johnco Wagon is a good all around wagon to carry toys and small kids. It has plastic wheels so it would be a bit of a stiff ride for kids to sit in, but it’s sturdy enough to handle the weight. 

  • Dimensions: 65 x 32 x 72 cm
  • Material: metal body and tongue, plastic wheels and handle grip.

Click here to check price on Amazon

Mac Sports Collapsible Wagon

The Mac Sports Collapsible Wagon is a workhorse that can handle up to 68 kg, so feel free to load it up with kids and gear. Best of all, it doesn’t take up a load of room in your hallway or garage because it can accordion fold up to just 20cm thick and fit in a closet. The adjustable handle is convenient for a wide variety of heights and the rubber tires are large and work great for sidewalks, the beach, dirt paths, etc. 

Even though the body is fabric, it’s heavy duty and UV/mildew resistant so you don’t have to worry about it fading if left outside. The Mac Sports Collapsible Wagon is something you’re going to keep in your household throughout your toddler’s whole life (and even after they grow up)  because once they grow too big to be carted around in it you’re still going to find it super convenient for their sports games, your gardening, and anything else you can think of.

  • Outside dimensions: 90 x 51 x 57 cm
  • Inside dimensions: 81 x 51 x 44 cm
  • Folded dimensions: 75 x 51 x 20 cm

Materials: 600D Fabric with metal framing and rubber wheels.

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My Great Wagon

My Great Wagon has a unique sloped design on both ends for easy loading. The wheels are metal with rubber lining and the handle folds up underneath the red metal wagon for easy storage. Your toddler will love throwing her teddies and other treasures inside during walks in the garden or even inside the house.

My Great Wagon is elegantly designed and is really a beautiful little wagon. It would be best for kids to pull vs adults as it’s on the smaller side, and a smaller toddler could sit inside for a ride if your kids wanted to pull each other around. 

  • Dimensions: 65cm x 40cm x 53cm
  • Materials: Metal body and rubber lined tires

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Little Tikes Lil Wagon

Little Tikes Lil Wagon is just right for little ones to pull both inside and outside the house. The body and wheels are made of durable plastic which means it’s light to pull around as well. It’s a great accessory for your toddler to take with them to carry their things or pull a pal around the house.

  • Dimensions: 29.5 x 51.8 x 22.9 cm
  • Materials: plastic

Click here to check price on Amazon

Green Toys Wagon

Green Toys Wagon is unique because the wagon tongue is a rope with a plastic handle. This is really nice for storage as there is no awkward handle to fit under a cupboard or in a closet. Green Toys Wagon is just right for your child to load up with toys and whatever else they want to squirrel away. Green Toys is a great brand because they make all of their products out of recycled and toxic free plastic.

  • Dimensions: 38.1 x 24.8 x 14 cm
  • Materials: recycled plastic

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Fire Engine Walker Wagon

This is an adorable little rubberwood red fire engine that is perfect for unsteady walkers to push around the house (the handle is a fire ladder!). The wheels are rubber coated so they won’t make marks on your floor and your toddler won’t slip pushing it around. The body is more than deep enough for anything your kid wants to put in there and can also fit your toddler if they want to sit in for a ride.

  • Dimensions: 47cm x 31cm x 46cm
  • Materials: eco friendly rubberwood

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Fisher Price Mega Blocks Wagon

My kids had a ball with the Fisher Price Mega Blocks Wagon when they were toddlers (and even when they got older). It’s lightweight and has a long handle so kids can pull each other around or hold it as a handle as a friend pushes them. The handle is cool because kids can build block towers on it.

The Fisher Price Mega Blocks Wagon has a shape sorting tray that fits across the width of the body that helps your toddler learn how to sort six different shape blocks. I’d recommended it for indoor play as sidewalk cement would rough up the plastic wheels, but this sturdy little wagon can handle a lot of play. 

  • Dimensions: 30 x 46 x 33 cm 
  • Materials: plastic

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Mega Bloks Thomas & Friends Racin’ Railway Wagon

This block wagon is fun because it turns into a speedway for Thomas the train. The Mega Bloks Thomas & Friends Racin’ Railway Wagon comes with 21 pieces so it doubles as a wagon and a block playset. The wagon itself is on the shallow side so it’s really meant for just the blocks but that doesn’t mean your toddler couldn’t use it for other toys or books as well.

The handle ramp can be built upon and also works as a ramp for any other cars or toys with wheels your toddler already has. 

  • Dimensions: 21.6 x 29.2 x 13.3 cm
  • Materials: plastic

Click here to check price on Amazon

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