Get Comfortable With The Best Pregnancy Pillow, Australia 2020

Get Comfortable With The Best Pregnancy Pillow, Australia 2020

Any pregnant woman or mum can attest to how difficult it is to get a good night’s sleep during pregnancy. Finding the best pregnancy pillow Australia could make a huge difference to any soon to be mums sleep quality. I remember the constant wrestling with 4 or 5 pillows to get comfortable. I needed at least one for my head, one for my belly, one for my back, and one for my legs.

If you’re sick of the restless nights, I definitely recommend you do what I did and invest in the best maternity pillow Australia has to offer. Sleeping is more important now than ever and let’s face it – soon, you’ll be getting a whole lot less of it anyway….

There are a few contenders out there for the best pillow for pregnancy and you might not know where to start. If you’re not sure where to look or which one to choose, you’re in the right place, because this is a complete guide to the best pregnancy body pillows and wedge pillows.

I’m going to take you through what to consider when looking for one of these top rated pregnancy pillows and I’ll also share detailed best pregnancy pillow reviews. So, let’s take a look at what features you need to be hunting for before taking a look at some of our favourites.

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Our Pick for the Best Pregnancy Pillow, Australia

Our pick for the Best Pregnancy Pillow, Australia, is the PharmeDoc U Shape. It is a u-shaped pregnancy pillow that can convert to a c-shape pillow thanks to a removable extension that can even be used on its own, so you’re really getting two pillows in one. The different configurations offer support wherever you need it and you can also use it to nurse or read in bed. 

Comparison Chart – The Best Maternity Pillow, Australia

Here’s a quick comparison of all the best pregnancy sleep pillows reviewed in this article.

Australian Made
U-shapedOrganic Cotton140 x 80 cmCheck
U-shapedPolyester &
Jersey Cotton
134.6 x
78.7 cm
4 Baby
BodyPolyester &
Jersey Cotton
140 x 58 cmCheck
Australian Made
U-shapedPolyester &
Bamboo Knit
140 x 80
x 45 cm
Cradle Tight
Curved Polyester &
88cm x 65cm
x 35cm
Easy Rest
Straight100% Cotton
Premium LoftMaster
Polyester fibre
150 x 50cmCheck
StraightCotton sateen &
Polyester fibre
150 x 50 cm Check
Tilt Land
Oval ShapedBamboo &
Memory Foam
40.6 x 33.5
x 8.9 cm
WedgeOrganic cotton
Knit & High density
visco elastic foam
63 x 30
x 61 cm
Wedge100% cotton
& Polyurethane
37 x 23.5
x 9 cm
Easy Rest
V Shaped100% cotton &
polyester fibre
60 cm outside
x 28 cm inside
(arm) + 60×28
(arm) x 24cm

How Does a Pregnancy Pillow Work?

How a pregnancy pillow works is by supporting your hips and belly in a stable position. Pregnancy pillows range from c-shaped pillows that start between your legs, curve up your back and under your neck, to smaller wedges that fit under your belly.

Regardless of size, all pregnancy pillows are designed to support the contours of a pregnant body and prevent low back muscle spasms and knee aches. Pregnancy pillows give your body a much-needed break from supporting a heavily pregnant belly all day. 

Body Pillow vs Pregnancy Pillow

A normal body pillow is just a long pillow, while the best maternity body pillows are designed to fit the curves of a pregnant woman’s shape and mould around the belly.

Some people are happy using a regular body pillow, but the best rated pregnancy pillows are better suited for keeping you supported and comfortable at night. If you’re not sleeping because you’re uncomfortable a pregnancy pillow is a must have item.

Types of Pillows for Pregnancy

Here are the different types of best rated maternity pillows available.

Body pillows

The best body pillows for pregnancy come in a few different shapes such as straight, c-shaped, or u-shaped. 

  • Straight – Usually cheaper than the c-shaped or u-shaped and support your belly, knees, and arms. However, since they don’t have any curves they are harder to use as nursing pillows because they don’t fit around your waist when you sit up and they don’t shape to your body’s contours. Still, I like that they offer support while not taking up as much bed space as the c-shape or u-shape pillows.
  • C-shaped – look like the letter “c” and curve around your head, tummy, and between your legs. They work great for women who like to sleep on their side with their legs bent up and provide support to the neck, back, and tummy.
  • U-shaped – Shaped like a letter “u”, with the top of the “u” providing support for your head while your legs and belly can rest on the sides of the “u”. This pillow is best for women who normally like to sleep on their back but can’t as their pregnancy progresses. 

Wedge pillows

Wedge pillows are shaped pillows with an indentation for your belly to rest on. They are much smaller than a body pillow and take up less room in your bed.

The best pregnancy wedge pillows are great for mums who are suffering from low back pain, but they don’t provide any support for your knees or neck. 

Hybrid pregnancy and nursing pillows. 

Hybrid pregnancy and nursing pillows are multi purpose and not only support your body during pregnancy, but also work as a nursing pillow. Some even act as a pillow for your baby to sit up in as they grow.

A lot of pillows can work as nursing pillows if they’re bendy enough or have curves to wrap around your waist or behind a baby’s back when you or they sit up. If you nurse on your side, even a straight body pillow could work as a nursing pillow.

What to Look for in the Best Pillow for Pregnancy

There are a few factors to consider when shopping for the best pregnancy support pillow:


It’s important to check what material pregnancy pillows are made of, especially if you siffer from allergies or have particularly sensitive skin.

Stuffing material

  • Memory foam – moulds to the shape of your body while still staying firm and supportive.
  • Polyester – soft and comfortable.for the value. 
  • Microbeads – soft and smooth and move around really easily. They are not super firm however if you ever get a hole in the pillow  the little beads can spill everywhere.

Pillow covering material:

  • Cotton – breathable, natural, and soft. It does tend to wrinkle and shrink so tumble dry on low if you have to wash it.
  • Bamboo rayon –  hypoallergenic, moisture wicking, doesn’t trap heat, is super soft, and is odour resistant. It does tend to be more expensive than cotton but you’re getting a lot of great qualities for the price.
  • Jersey – is knit fabric so it’s super soft and cozy, and it’s also got a good amount of stretch to it. It can pile after a lot of use so wash it on a hand wash or gentle cycle. 


How firm do you like your pillow? Pregnancy pillows vary in firmness based on the filling material.

Full body pillows tend to be softer so they can be shaped and moved easily, wedges are usually more firm. Memory foam is more firm than a polyester stuffing.

Ease of Cleaning

Make sure you find a pregnancy pillow with either a wipeable cover or a cover that can easily be taken off if you need to wash it. It’s hard enough to clean pillows, let alone giant pillows!

Best Pregnancy Pillow Reviews

So, which pregnancy pillow is best? Read our maternity pillow reviews to find out!

Australian Made Cotton Pregnancy Pillow

The Australian Made Cotton Pregnancy Pillow is a u-shaped body pillow with an organic cotton cover material and polyester filling. The cover easily zips off for easy cleaning, and the middle of the pillow is perfectly contoured for the shape of a pregnant mama. I also love that the Australian Made Cotton Pregnancy Pillow is made in Australia so you’d be supporting local industries with your purchase.

This pillow can be used for more than just sleeping – you can use it to help you sit up in bed or the couch comfortably, and use it as a fully-supported nursing pillow after your baby is born. It is not the most portable pillow as it is full body sized, but you’ll love having the back, neck, knee, and belly support. 

  • Case: organic cotton
  • Filling: polyester
  • Size: 140 x 80 cm

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PharmeDoc U Shape

The PharmeDoc U Shape pillow is unique because it can either be a c-shape or u-shape pillow thanks to a removable extension that you can use as a separate body pillow. It also has an easily removable jersey cotton case that is machine-washable and guaranteed to stay soft after 300 washings. 

Another unique quality about the PharmeDoc U Shape pregnancy pillow is that it has double stitched seams, which means it won’t rip at the seams and last a long time. Since part of the pillow is removable it has lots of different configurations you can use for pregnancy, nursing, reading or working in bed or on the couch, etc. This is a very versatile and comfy pillow for the  value.

  • Filling: polyester
  • Case: jersey cotton
  • Size: 134.6 x 78.7 cm

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4 Baby Jersey Body Pillow

The 4 Baby Jersey Body Pillow is a long and skinny c-shaped body pillow with a cozy jersey cotton case. It is not a bulky body pillow so it offers support while not taking up your entire bed. The case has a zipper so it’s not a pain to take it off and wash it if you needed to. 

The 4 Baby Jersey Body Pillow is pretty malleable so you can twist it and fold it to add extra support to whatever areas need it the most. Flip it so that the open side is on your tummy if you want to lean towards your back, or flip it so that the curvedt part is under your belly for extra belly support. 

  • Filling: polyester
  • Case: jersey cotton
  • Size: 140 x 58 cm

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Australian Made Bamboo Pillow

The Australian Made Bamboo Pillow is a very supportive u-shape with a hypoallergenic bamboo case that is also incredibly soft. The case can zip off for washing if needed and stuffing can be removed if you find it too firm.

The Australian Made Bamboo Pillow is made locally which is great. It is on the bulky side so it will take up a lot of space in your bed, but in return you are getting full body support. Your partner could even use a side of the pillow! You can also use this pillow to sit up with or to nurse your baby with. 

  • Filling: polyester
  • Case: bamboo knit
  • Size: 140 x 80 x 45 cm

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Cradle Tight Maternity Pillow

The Cradle Tight Maternity Pillow is a curved body pillow with an indentation for your pregnant belly to rest comfortably in. The indentation is a lower height than the rest of the pillow, which is very cushy and offers great support for your knees and pelvis. 

 The Cradle Tight Maternity Pillow doesn’t have an extension for your head, so you’d have to use your own pillow. This does make it easier to take with you on vacation since it’s not as bulky as a full size  c-shape body pillow. 

  • Case:  cotton
  • Filling: polyester
  • Size:  88cm x 65cm x 35cm

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Easy Rest Body Pillow

The Easy Rest Body Pillow is a long and simple body pillow. It is not curved but still can offer lots of comfort and support for tired pregnant mamas. By laying on your side and putting the pillow between your legs, it not only supports your knees and pelvis but also your belly and arms.

  • Case: 100% cotton
  • Filling: Premium LoftMaster polyester fibre 
  • Size: 150 x 50cm

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Bambi Baby Body Pillow

The Bambi Baby Body Pillow is a full length body pillow with a silky smooth cotton sateen cover. This means it’s nice and cool for those nights when you are hot and uncomfortable (I was always SO warm when I was pregnant). Lay on your side to get support for your arms, pelvis, and knees, or lay it behind you for low back support if you are sitting up in bed. 

  • Case: cotton sateen
  • Filling: polyester fibre
  • Size: 150 x 50 cm 

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TiltLand Pregnancy Wedge

The Tilt Land Pregnancy Wedge is a small and portable half oval shaped wedge that you can use wherever you need the most support for your body. Sore knees and hips? Wedge it between your knees. Is your lower back tight? Wedge it under your back or under your belly.  You can even sit on it for extra support on hard chairs.

I love that the Tilt Land Pregnancy Wedge is made of memory foam, which is super supportive and firm but also very comfortable. The bamboo case just makes it that much more soft and cozy and it’s also machine washable. 

  • Case: bamboo
  • Filling: memory foam
  • Size: 40.6 x 33.5 x 8.9 cm

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Luxdream Memory Foam Wedge

The Luxdream Memory Foam Wedge is a tall  wedge made of  high density elastic foam with a layer of cool gel memory foam. Cool gel memory foam is the best because it keeps you cool and comfortable all night long. The soft and breathable bamboo cotton knit cover is the icing on the cake, and it even zips off for easy cleaning. 

The high wedge shape makes this foam wedge very versatile – use it to support your back while sitting up in bed or the couch, or even put it under your feet to elevate them to relieve swelling. You can also use it for your head, your belly, lower back, or between your knees. 

  • Case:bamboo organic cotton knit
  • Filling: high density visco elastic foam with cool gel memory foam outer layer
  • Size: 63 x 30 x 61 cm

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Dentons Pregnancy Pillow

The Dentons Pregnancy Pillow is a foam wedge that is specifically designed for pregnancy. It is a rounded rectangle with a large indentation for a pregnant belly. Laying on your side with the Dentons Pregnancy Pillow under your belly will help reduce back pain – as the weight of your belly while sleeping on your side without support puts additional strain on your back muscles.

This pillow is also very portable and has an easy zip off cover. 

  • Case: 100% cotton
  • Filling: Polyurethane foam with polyester outer layer
  • Size: 37 x 23.5 x 9 cm 

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Easy Rest V Shape

The Easy Rest V Shape pillow is the perfect shape to support a variety of body parts. You could use it as a pillow, fit it under your belly, behind your back, or between your knees. You could also use it behind your head if you are sitting up in bed or on the couch. The Easy Rest V Shape pillow could also be used as a nursing pillow, as it could fit around your waist and support a baby. 

  • Case: 100% cotton
  • Filling: LoftMaster polyester fibre 
  • Size: 60 cm outside x 28 cm inside (arm) + 60×28 (arm) x 24cm (width)

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Why use a pregnancy pillow?

A pregnancy pillow helps relieve aches and pains that come with lugging a heavy baby inside you all day and night. Pregnancy pillows are designed to keep you comfortable so you can get some much needed sleep. 

When to use a pregnancy pillow?

The best time to get a pregnancy pillow is from the second trimester for early showers, restless sleepers, or those carrying twins, but they are the most useful in the third trimester when the baby starts getting pretty big and puts more strains on your back, hips, and knees.

Pregnancy pillows can also be used for back support when sitting, reading, watching TV, etc. 

Why does my back ache at night when I’m pregnant?

Your back aches at night when you’re pregnant because the additional weight in your front causes torsion in your back muscles when you lay on your side. This makes your back muscles ache and spasm because they work hard to keep your stomach stable all night.
That’s why a pregnancy pillow is such a good investment – it takes the weight of your belly off of your back and gives it a chance to rest.

For more pregnancy tips and essentials check out this page. Or get prepared for babies arrival with the best breast pump or baby bottles.

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