Find The Best Portacot, Australia To Help Baby Sleep While Traveling

Find The Best Portacot, Australia To Help Baby Sleep While Traveling

Finding the best portacot Australia offers can seem like a daunting task. What weight do they come in? Do you need all those fancy extras? What if you choose one that’s difficult to fold up?

If you’re wondering what is the best travel cot australia has, we’re here to help you find the perfect choice.

Finding the best portable cot is easy thanks to our detailed reviews and in depth buying guide. So whether you’re looking for the absolute best rated travel cot or just want a cheap portacot to use now and again, we’ll look at them all right here.

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Our Pick for the Best Portacot, Australia

Our pick for the best Portacot, Australia, is the Ingenuity Smart and Simple. It’s a large-sized portacot that’s not super heavy and comes with all the accessories you could ask for at a reasonable price. What I love the most about the Ingenuity Smart and Simple is that you can fold it up without removing the bassinet level and the fabric is machine washable. 

Comparison Chart – Best Travel Cots

First, a quick comparison of all the best rated portacots we’ll review in this article.

13.6 kgH: 71.76 cm
w: 73.66 cm
L: 101.6 cm
Travel/Portable Cot with Padded Mattress, Bassinet, Change Table and Carry Bag
8.8 kg H: 76 cm
W: 79 cm
L: 105 cm
4Baby Liteway
5 kgH: 78.5cm
W: 79 cm
L: 112 cm
Childcare Matisse
13.5 kgH: 75 cm
W: 78 cm
L: 106 cm
Phil & Teds
2.8 kgH: 63 cm
W: 79 cm
L: 117 cm
Joie Commuter
11 kgH: 80 cm
W: 70.5
L: 106
16 kgH: 76 cm
W: 78 cm
L: 106 cm
7 kgH: 67 cm
W:80 cm
L: 112 cm
4Baby Vacation
4Baby Clouds
Joie Change & Rock
15.1kgH: 21 cm
W: 26.3 cm
L: 84.2 cm

Portacot Reviews

Take a look at our portacot reviews and choose which one is the best for you personally. 

Ingenuity Smart & Simple

The Ingenuity Smart & Simple portacot is a large sized portacot with all the bells and whistles you could ask for. From the raised bassinet, the changing table that flips away when you don’t need it, the night light, and music box, you’ve got everything you need as your baby grows into toddlerhood.

I also think the blue, green, red, and grey color scheme is super cute and gender neutral so it can work for multiple kids down the line. 

Another feature that I like about the Ingenuity Smart & Simple is that you can fold it up without removing the bassinet and easily put it in the travel bag. There is a side pocket for diapers and other changing accessories, along with mesh side panels for easy visibility and breathability. You can even machine wash the fabric! 

  • Weight: 13.6 kg
  • Dimensions: 73.66 cm x 101.6 cm x 71.76 cm

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Anko Travel Cot

Travel/Portable Cot with Padded Mattress, Bassinet, Change Table and Carry Bag

The Anko Travel Cot fits somewhere between a large portacrib and a travel one that comes with a bassinet for younger babies and a changing table. It folds up fairly easily thanks to its compact folding design and fits perfectly in its carrying case. The Anko Travel Cot doesn’t have wheels, but it’s fairly light at 8.8 kg so it’s not too hard to lug around.

Like most portacots, the Anko Travel Cot has mesh side panels. The grey colour pattern also works well for all genders. 

  • Weight: 8.8 kg 
  • Dimensions: 76cm (H) x 79cm (W) x 105cm (L)

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4Baby Liteway Travel Cot

The 4Baby Liteway Travel Cot is just as it says: a lightweight and no-fuss travel cot that is light and easy to fold up to travel with. It comes with a pretty comfortable foam mattress pad compared to other travel cots and has a cute and minimalist design.

The 4 Baby Portacot is a great choice if you are looking for something to keep in your car for park outings, play dates to friend’s houses, or in your closet in case a visitor needs a portacot. It is a bit inconvenient to reach all the way down for younger babies but the lack of a bassinet is part of what makes it so lightweight. 

  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Dimensions: 112L x 79W x 78.5H (cm)

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Childcare Matisse 4 in 1

The Childcare Matisse 4 in 1 large portacot is a versatile sleeping and play solution for your newborn as they grow from tiny nuggets to rambunctious toddlers.

This childcare portacot has a bassinet, adorable mobile, changing table, and large Nappy Organizer for changing accessories and random baby gear. The bassinet and changing table are easily removable and the portcot folds up easily into its carrying case. 

The Childcare Matisse 4 in 1 portacot does not have wheels, so it would not be as easy to carry across an airport or up the stairs, but it does come with a full-sized mattress so it probably works best as a portacot that you don’t have to move around regularly. It also helps that it’s a nice black and white colour scheme so it won’t look obnoxious sitting in your bedroom or living room. 

  • Weight: 13.5 kg
  • Dimensions: 106 x 75 x 78 cm 

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Phil & Teds Traveller V4

The Phil & Teds Traveller V4 is super light and works not only as a sleep solution but converts into a play yard as well. One side of the Phil & Teds travel cot zips open so that when your baby is awake and wants to play they can crawl in and out as they please.

When they’re ready for a nap just zip the side back up, activate the self-inflating mattress, and let them snooze away. The mattress is on the thinner side but for a travel portacot it’s not bad. 

I love that the Phil & Teds portacot is so light that it can fit in a suitcase, and is easy to set up. I also like that the fabric of the Traveller is washable and Oeko-tex certified which means it’s free of harmful chemicals that irritate the skin. There is an option to buy a bassinet attachment, but keep in mind it doesn’t fit in the travel bag with the rest of the portacot. 

  • Weight: 2.8 kg
  • Dimensions: 117 x 79 x 63cm

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Joie Commuter

The Joie Commuter is a nice in between of a large portacot and a travel portacot. It’s got those wheels I love so you can wheel it from room to room or collapse it (with a push-button!) and carry it in its carrying case. Did I mention the push-button fold? I would have loved that when my kids were small.

The Joie Commuter comes with a changing table attachment that clicks on and off, along with a reinforced bassinet that you can easily remove. The fabric is a pretty neutral grey colour so it works great for boys and girls, and wipes off easily with soap and water for those inevitable spit ups and diaper blowouts. 

  • Weight : 11 kg
  • Dimensions: 106L x 70.5 W x 80H (cm) 

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Steelcraft Snooze n Play

The Steelcraft Snooze n Play is a sturdy large portacot with lockable wheels. It comes with a second level bassinet, changing table, full-sized mattress, and musical mobile. This is a rather heavy portacot so it would work best as a portacot you didn’t have to move around every day, but it would work great as a longer-term sleeping set up.

The Steelcraft portacot has mesh sides so you can peek in easily and allows for good ventilation. It comes with a carrying case and a large storage pocket for all the baby dummies, diapers, and toys. 

  • 16 kg
  • 106L x 78W x 76H (cm)

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Micralite Sleep n Go

The Microlite Sleep n Go is one of the few travel portacots that come with a bassinet attachment. Once your baby outgrows the bassinet attachment, all you have to do is take it out and expand the same mattress to the base of the portacot so it becomes a play yard and a safe spot for a nap for older babies and young toddlers. 

As a travel portacot, the Microlite Sleep in Go doesn’t come with a changing table, but you could easily use the bassinet to reach in and change your baby. It folds up quickly easily into a carrying case that not only has a handle, but also a shoulder strap so it’s a breeze to carry. 

  • Weight: 7kg
  • Dimensions: H: 67cm W 80cm L 112cm

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4Baby Vacation

This cot is great value for money if you’re looking for a simple, easy to use portacot. With its simple design and colour, it’s perfect for boys or girls.

While the height isn’t adjustable, it’s large enough to stop even the most creative of children from escaping, and the mesh sides allow you to check on them without disturbing their sleep.

It also has a really handy pocket on the side for all those bits and bobs that come with travelling with a baby, and it folds up into a super handy travel bag to make carrying it easy.



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4Baby Clouds 2 in 1

This portacot is adorable. With its gorgeous cloud pattern, it makes for a dreamy sleep for any child whilst travelling. The grey colour palette is perfect for both boys and girls.

Like other 4Baby models, this cot folds up pretty small into a handy travel bag so it’s easy to transport. While up, the high sides keep baby in, while the mesh allows you to see in without disturbing them.

The cute little pocket on the side is perfect for storing any bits and bobs you want.



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Joie Excursion Change & Rock

This portacot is all singing and all dancing. With a bassinet, changing unit, and snoozing pod all included, as well as the cot, this includes everything you need for travelling with your little one.

The fabrics are cosy, and the colour palette is soft and neutral, with a lovely natural pattern for added interest. Don’t worry though, as well as being beautiful, the fabrics are also wiped clean for quick and easy clean up.

The mesh sides mean great ventilation, as well as allowing you to check on your little one without disturbing them, and with the castors, you can move the cot anywhere easily and smoothly, even if the baby is sleeping.

Weight: 15.1kg

Dimensions: 84.2cm x 26.3cm x 21cm

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Everything you Need to Know About Travel Cots

Now that you’ve seen some of the best options on the market, here are some of the things to look out for and how to decide.

an image of a baby inside the best portacot

Traditional Cot vs Portacot

A portacot is a portable cot that can fold up, go in a carrying case, and be carried wherever you wish. They are significantly lighter than a traditional cot, which is usually made of wood and isn’t made to travel with.

Portacots are safe and convenient sleeping solutions for your baby when you need a bed for them to sleep in when a traditional cot is not available. They’re not meant to be a replacement for a traditional cot and are designed for portability and ease of assembly/disassembly- not for long term use. 

If you’re planning to buy a traditional cot, take a look at our post on how to find the best cot for your baby next!

Types of Portacots

The best portable cot comes in either a large portacot size or a travel cot size. The large portacots are more robust and typically come with a bassinet and a changing table, while travel cots are not as heavy and typically include just a light mattress. 

Large Portacots

Large Portacots are portacots with a bassinet and changing table in addition to a larger mattress,  this can make them heavy to travel with. These portacots are usually used in a location your baby is at often and needs a place to sleep that’s not its cot, such as your bedroom or a grandparents’ house. 

Travel Portacots

The best travel portacots are lighter than large portacots and are perfect for taking on airplanes, camping, or to a friend’s house for a playdate. These small portacots are basic visions of large portacots with lighter mattresses and no changing tables or bassinet attachments. 

To complete your travel essentials, check out our favourite travel strollers here!

Features to Look for

Ready to decide what type of portacot would suit your needs best? Don’t forget to consider the following features: 


All portacribs need to meet Australian safety standard AS2172, in addition to meeting SIDs safe sleep guidelines, such as a firm, clean, flat mattress, and non-bulky bedding. 

Size & Weight

Think about how often you are going to be disassembling your portacrib. If you choose a large portacrib for your main travel portacrib, you might be sorry. Or if you choose a travel portacrib for one that you use every day, you’ll be sorely missing some of the features a large portacrib offers. 

Ease of Assembly

This is one of the most important things to look for when looking at portacribs. There is nothing more frustrating than wrestling with the sides of a portacrib with a wailing baby  on your hip. You need a portacrib that is simple to assemble and doesn’t have lots of pieces to put together and take down every time you need to move it.

Other Features

Some other features to think about are:

  • Wheels – it’s such a lifesaver when portacots have wheels. It makes it so easy to move it even when it’s not folded up.
  • Bassinet attachment – are you going to need a bassinet attachment? If you already have a baby bassinet you may not need a portacot with this option and you can save yourself some weight.

Take a look at our best bassinet reviews here

  • Changing table attachment – changing tables are great for those middle of the night diaper changes because they are the same height as the top of the portacrib. But again, if you don’t need one,  you look for a simpler portacrib.
  • Baby Mobile – baby mobiles aren’t a necessity in a portacrib but they are a nice option for a long term sleeping situation and sometimes come with music, vibration, or changing light, which I used a lot with my kids. 


Can I use a portacot all the time?

Traditional cots are sturdier and designed for long term use, while portacots are designed to be able to travel with and have joints that can get worn out. Keep in mind portacots are usually only designed for babies up to 13-15 kg and will put more strain on folding joints as they get bigger, so you’ll wear out a portacot quicker if you use it every day all day. 

Are travel cots safe?

Yes, travel cots are safe as long as they have a firm, snug (so the baby’s head doesn’t slip between cracks) flat mattress and have ventilation. Don’t put bulky bedding in the portacot and wrap them up in a sleep sack instead. They also need to have a strong frame that won’t buckle or collapse. 

How much do travel cots weigh?

Travel cots can weigh anywhere from 2.8 kg to 16 kg. It depends if you want a sturdier large portacot with accessories like a bassinet, changing table, and comfier mattress or something that is lighter to carry and better for moving around all the time.

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