Ultimate Guide: What Is The Best Double Pram, Australia 2020

Ultimate Guide: What Is The Best Double Pram, Australia 2020

When I had my first baby, there was just so much gear to buy! I couldn’t afford to spend the earth, so I chose to buy second hand for big things, like the stroller. Sure, I saved money but I ended up buying 4 in a year. They were never quite what I expected, or they broke quickly because they had already had so much use.

With my second, I didn’t want to make the same mistake. I already had most of the stuff I needed from the first time around, meaning I didn’t feel so bad spending more money to get the best double stroller on the market.

As usual, parting with my money is not something I do easily. I did weeks of research to find the best double pram 2020 offers, so here is all that research to save you doing the same!

best double pram

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Firstly, there is a quick comparison chart below if you just want to find the best double prams, 2020 Australia, straight away. If you need a bit more information, read my double pram reviews further down. Then take a look at my specific recommendations, including the best double pram for toddler and newborn.

Top 10 Double Prams

  • Bugaboo Donkey 2 Duo
  • ICandy Orange Blossom Double Stroller
  • Maxi Cosi Dana for Two
  • Baby Jogger City Mini Double
  • Bob Revolution Pro Duallie
  • Valco Baby Snap Ultra Duo
  • VeeBee Double Take Tandem
  • Babyhood Doppio Duo
  • Steelcraft Strider Compact & Second Seat
  • Ez Rider

Comparison Chart – Best Double Pram, Australia

Here’s a quick reference chart so you can see the main features of the best double strollers in Australia. For more in-depth details, see the reviews for each further down!

ProductFrom Birth?RatingPrice
Donkey Duo

(one seat)
Icandy Twin
Maxi Cosi
Dana for 2

Baby Jogger
City Mini Double

Buggy Nano

Valco Baby
Snap Ultra Duo

Agile Twin

Joie Aire
Twin Stroller

Veebee Double
Take Tandem

(one seat)
Doppio Duo
Joolz Geo 2YesCHECK
EZ Rider
Pram Attachment


Types of Best Double Pram, 2020

an image of two toddlers with the best double pram 2020

Side by Side Prams

Exactly like it sounds, these prams have two seats placed side by side. This causes these style of prams to be wider than the average stroller, sometimes causing problems fitting through doorways or supermarket aisles.

Although wider, and sometimes heavier, the plus to this style is that both children can have an unhindered view of the outside world. With the other style of double pram, this isn’t always possible and one child usually ends up with their view blocked.

Tandem Prams

These strollers have one seat in front of the other, sometimes both at the same level and sometimes one child seated higher than the other. A lot of people consider these to be the best double pushchair for baby and toddler. The best tandem pram Australia 2020 will fit through standard doorways and doesn’t take up an entire aisle at the shops.

Although narrower, these prams can be longer which, in some cases, makes them a little harder to maneuver around corners and up curbs. I also found that you usually have to purchase extra seats or attachments, to suit children from newborn right through to the toddler stage.

Toddler Seat Attachments

Buying a pram seat attachment for toddlers is becoming more and more popular! If you already have a pram that you adore, and your first child is a little older, a “buggy board seat” or “pram skateboard seat” might be the answer.

They’re a board on wheels which clips onto the back of the pram and has a seat on top. Some pram seat attachments are brand specific but there are plenty of universal models as well.

They are not great for long journeys and the child can’t nap in them. Although they are a quick and easy alternative if you have an older child, who does not usually use the pram too much anyway.

How to Choose the Best Double Stroller, Australia

an image of the best double stroller for infant and toddler

Size and Weight

This was the most important thing to consider for me. We do a lot of travelling and long road trips and my partner works away. I needed the best lightweight double stroller that doesn’t take up too much space and I can easily lift by myself.

Fortunately, lightweight options are becoming more common nowadays but even the best light double strollers tend to be bulky once folded. The best double stroller for travel is one that packs down flat and fits in the car, without the wheels having to be removed. It’s a good idea to check measurements of your car boot before you purchase a double pram.

Age and Weight of Children

ALWAYS check the weight limit of the pram you are going to buy, even the best double pushchair can only stand a certain amount of weight.

As well as checking the top weight limit, make sure to check the lowest age suitability as some double prams, just like singles, are not suitable for newborns. The best twin stroller, for example, will be one suitable for newborns, with a high top weight limit as well, to accommodate two toddlers later on.

This can seem confusing when it comes to double prams, as you may have twins who are the same age and weight or you may have two completely different age and size children. To make things easier, in each of my reviews I’ve made it very clear what type of child that pram is suitable for.

Wheels and Brakes

Different wheels have vastly different pros and cons so they’re something worth paying close attention to. Whilst front wheels that swivel provide better manoeuvrability, the ability to lock them in place makes travelling at a faster pace easier. Therefore this becomes a vital function if you are looking for the best double jogging stroller.

I know a few people who purchased prams with inflatable wheels, only to be disappointed when they punctured. Inflatable wheels provide a comfier ride but, in my opinion, solid wheels are much more reliable.

Another very important safety feature is brakes. The safest option is a stroller where both rear wheels have separate brakes which are linked and engaged by one single lever. Brakes should also be easily accessible so I prefer the hand-operated kind.

Backrest/Recline Options

As I mentioned before, make sure that both seats can recline independently of each other. Also, babies under 6 months should not be placed in a pram that doesn’t fully recline.

A double pram that allows both seats to fully recline to a lay-flat position is a great option. It allows either child to sleep comfortably and will make your life much easier. Look out for this, as some types of tandem-seat positioning don’t allow the front seat to recline fully or at all!


Safety should always be top of your priority list when choosing an item for your children. In Australia, the safety standard for prams is very comprehensive and you can get all the details here. All companies making or selling prams in Australia must comply with these standards.

Please ensure if you are buying a cheap pram online, or from a retailer that you’re not sure on, you check it meets all the Australian standards. I do not advise buying a pram from overseas for this exact reason.

A Pinterest image of my favourite double pram for toddlers

Other Features to Look for

Design – Safety should be the number one priority but who wants to be pushing around an ugly pram for the next two years? Make sure you choose a double pram you know you will be happy with the look of for a while.

Storage – Make sure to put some thought into where your double pram will be stored on a day to day basis. Will it remain in the car boot? Or do you need the best compact double stroller, so it fits in a specific spot in your house?

Detachable Seats – Seats that can be removed are going to be handy. If your older child grows out of the pram, you can remove the toddler seat and it’s a bit less bulky to deal with. Likewise, a detachable baby bassinet seat makes transferring newborns from pram to home much easier.

Canopy – So important for sun protection but also for blocking babies view when they sleep so they’re not woken by passers-by. Make sure to find a pram with a canopy that can be pulled down low.

Double Pram Reviews, 2020

Take a look below to read my top 10 double stroller reviews, complete with the pros and cons of each as well as a quick rundown of what situation suits that pram best.

Best Double Pram for Toddler and Newborn

Bugaboo Donkey Duo

The Bugaboo Donkey3 is the best double pram for baby and toddler because of its easy transition from a single pram to a duo one. This double pram can be used for two children of different ages or twins.

The best double stroller for infant and toddler, the Bugaboo Donkey3, is very useful because of its spacious storage baskets: the under-seat expandable basket and the expandable side luggage basket (that has built-in pockets and cover) allowing you to carry as many things as you need on your stroll.

Another thing you should keep in mind about this best tandem double stroller for infant and toddler is how easy it is to manoeuvre, thanks to its front swivel wheels and tight turn radius. So even with two kids and a lot of luggage on your hands, your stroll will be smooth and enjoyable!

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The Best Twin Pram Review

ICandy Orange Blossom Double Stroller

The ICandy Orange Blossom Stroller is the best double stroller for twins, because of its ability to upgrade with a crazy amount of extras – parents can upgrade it for an older sibling by just purchasing the carrycot and extra seat fabrics.

I believe this is the best twin pushchair because of the variety in the seats facing choices – you can have the kids facing towards the parent, the world, or facing each other – for some fun and interaction.

The ICandy Orange Blossom Double Pram is also the best double pram for newborn twins because it provides the optimal comfort for your children, the fabrics being meticulously considered.

Another thing I love about this Stroller is the variety of colours you can choose from to fit your own style. You can choose from Flame (Orange), Brown, Carbon (Charcoal), Pop (Pink), Noir (Black), Spring (Green), Topaz (Blue) and Mercury (Silver).

Best Affordable Double Stroller

Maxi Cosi Dana for 2

The Maxi Cosi Dana Twin Stroller is the best cheap double stroller and super handy for parents because of its slim design and flexibility – it is suitable for twins or children close in age. It folds easily and fits in most car boots, providing a smooth experience for parents.

I believe this is the best inexpensive double stroller because, for its very affordable price, it has rear-wheel suspension, which provides a smooth ride for your little ones, and it is very comfortable and lightweight.

The only downside to this stroller may be that the colour variety is not so large, as it only comes in either Nomad Black or Nomad Blue. I still think that, if you’re on a budget, it’s a great option as both colours are very neutral anyway.

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Best Side by Side Double Stroller Reviews

Baby Jogger City Mini Double

The Baby Jogger City Mini Double is the best double stroller for toddlers if you want a lightweight, simple and affordable Stroller for your kids. What makes it the best side by side double buggy are the all-terrain wheels and the adjustable handlebar, that offers a very accommodating ride.

The Baby Jogger City Mini Double comes with a weather cover that ensures your kids will be safe and comfortable during the ride, plus, the canopies each have two peek-a-boo windows that can be adjusted individually.

This Stroller is also the best double pram for jogging, the all-terrain wheels and front wheel suspension giving you the freedom of choosing where you want to go while also keeping your little one safe and offering them a smooth ride.

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Mountain Buggy Nano

The Mountain Buggy Nano is a lightweight side by side double stroller that folds up easily in  2 steps and would be great to keep in the van for errands or for urban environments where you’d need a more compact double stroller. Other features that make the Mountain Buggy Nano great for urban environments are an even weight distribution that makes it easy to pop the stroller up onto curbs and a tight turn radius for those tight store aisles. The Mountain Buggy Nano also has a convenient shoulder strap and carry handle so you can fold it up and carry it into a restaurant, coffee shop, or on a bus if you needed to. 

From tiny newborns to squrimy 3 year olds, the Mountain Buggy Nano is designed for a good span of ages. It has a cocoon accessory for the tiny babes and the seats have an extra tall size and deep seat recline for the bigger toddlers along with an adjustable foot rest . One of my favourite features is the large weather canopy for those bright sunny days or even rainy ones. The seats are made of polyester that’s easy to wipe clean for those inevitable spills and messes. 

  • Ages newborn to three years (Max seat load 15kg)
  • Stroller weight is 9 kg
  • Extra tall seat size of 66cm

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Valco Baby Snap Ultra Duo

What makes the Valco Baby Snap Ultra Duo the best double buggy for toddler and newborn is the fact that it is a lightweight double stroller that can easily fit your lifestyle. It is suitable for long walks or even quick trips, as it ensures that your little one is safe and comfortable during any ride.

It’s one of the best lightweight twin strollers and has an easy one-hand fold, that allows you to get it in and out of the car in no time. I have a friend who uses this double pram and I was amazed at how quick and easy it is to set up and take down again!

This Double Stroller is the best side by side double buggy that features double canopy extensions, peek-a-boo windows with magnetic closure, storage pockets, and a large storage basket.

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Steelcraft Agile Twin

The Steelcraft Agile Twin stroller has a one lift fold that automatically locks into place. It’s lightweight for a double pram (12 kg)  but strong as it can accommodate two 20 kg kids per seat in addition to 6 kgs in the basket. I love that the seats have a multi position recline so that if your toddler falls asleep you can recline them as needed (which they probably will do thanks to the plush woven linen seat covers). I also love that there is just one foot brake for the back wheels, but also the option to lock the front swivel wheels for those bumpy sidewalks.

The Steelcraft Agile Twin stroller is a good medium between a compact travel stroller and a more robust all day stroller where you need to pack a lot of stuff. It also works as a travel system with included adaptors for the Steelcraft Infant Carrier. The large extendable sun canopies have a magnetic peek a boo window which is perfect for peeking in on your kiddos.

  •  Ages newborn to 20 kg
  • Stroller weight is 12 kg

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Joie Aire Twin Stroller

The Joie Aire Twin Stroller is a plush and comfy ride for both newborns and older toddlers that you can easily maneuver thanks to swivel front wheels. Each seat can recline and there is a nice big basket for all that stuff that comes with travelling with two little kids. The Joie Aire Twin Stroller is also lightweight coming in at 11.8 kg and can fit through standard doors and store checkouts.

A great feature of the Joie Aire Twin Stroller is that you can fold it with one hand and it locks automatically. Anyone who has ever wrestled with folding up a bulky heavy stroller can relate to how convenient that feature is. The padded bumber bar can pivot open and closed so you can make sure your toddler doesn’t escape or quickly let them out to play. It’s also got leg rests and a sun cover.

  • Ages newborn to 15 kg
  • Stroller weight is 11.8 kg

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Best Tandem Double Stroller Reviews

VeeBee Double Take Tandem

The VeeBee Double Take Tandem is the best double stroller for newborn and toddler that is super cheap and affordable and that has a lot of practical design features.

The main feature, that makes this stroller the best double stroller for baby and toddler is the stadium-style seating. By putting the rear seat higher than the front seat – it allows both occupants to see outward. The front seat is suitable for toddlers and it features a handy removable front tray and the rear seat features a peek-a-boo window and a full recline system, both seats being equipped with independent hoods.

The VeeBee Double Take’s easy to fold aluminium frame makes this stroller the best lightweight double stroller for infant and toddler that also offers a lot of storage space.

This stroller is super inexpensive and I believe it’s the best budget double stroller for you if you are looking for a double pram that will allow you to give your little ones comfortable and enjoyable rides.

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Babyhood Doppio Duo

The Babyhood Doppio Duo Pram is the best inline double stroller for you if you are looking for a stroller that is super lightweight and customisable in terms of the seat, as it is suitable for children of different ages, as well as for twins.

This is one of the top-rated double strollers for infant and toddler because of its luxury features such as the easy zip-off insect net, the leatherette bumper bar, the two large generous storage compartments and an adjustable hood for extra sun protection.

It’s the best double pushchair for newborn and toddler, as it has a smooth glide wheel system with high-density EVA wheels, allowing you to have maximum control over the stroller and navigate all terrains with ease.

This is the best lightweight double pram for parents and it features multiple accessory options. A stylish stroller caddie for all your valuables and a cup holder for that early morning coffee.

The Babyhood Doppio is one of the best twin prams from birth because it’s fully customisable and the stylish Breathe Eze Canopy provides optimal airflow, allowing your little one to be comfortable.

Joolz Geo 2

This is a really lovely looking pram with plenty of useful features. Designed for either one or two children, this pram will grow with your family. When the second seat is added, the size doesn’t change, meaning it’s just as easy to manoeuvre, especially with the one-hand steering and 60cm width!

The seats themselves are comfortable and hypo-allergenic, with three potential positions (facing either way), and magnetic buckles. The handlebar adjusts to your height, while the XL storage basket holds all the bits and pieces associated with trips with baby, although you do lose this when you add the second seat.

Overall, this is a lovely pram, designed to make life easier for both parents and baby. The puncture-proof wheels are great for any surface, and it folds down and locks in one quick, easy motion.

  • Ages newborn to 22kg
  • Stroller weight is 14.6kg (with seat) or 15.5kg (with cot). Adding the extra seat will increase this.

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Best Pram Skateboard

Already have a pram that you love or that your toddler doesn’t use very much anyway? A toddler board for prams or universal toddler seat for prams might be the easiest and cheapest option for you!

Ez Rider

The EZ Rider is the ideal solution for a growing family. This is a universal toddler seat that easily clips to the back of the pram, only requiring a rear axle, a frame or horizontal bar to latch onto.

This is a safe and easy option for your child, it features a comfortable seat with handlebar and a belt for safety. The seat can be easily removed from the platform, leaving a standing board for the child to stand on whilst holding onto the stroller, making it a fun pram skateboard.

It is a great option for your kids because it is absolutely safe – the board features a non-slip surface, it’s adjustable – the height and width can be adapted to suit you, the child and stroller, and last but not least, it is lightweight and easy to store with storage strap when not in use.

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Now you are all set with the best double pram, don’t forget to read my comprehensive guide on how to find the best backpack nappy bag. They are great for keeping your hands free, whilst out and about with the kids!

Or, if you don’t want to invest in a double pram straight away, why not stick with your single stroller at first and use a baby carrier for your new arrival. It’s not a long term solution but will get you started!

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