What Is The Best Baby Registry, Australia? [Ultimate Guide]

Finding the best baby registry Australia offers, is a great chance to build the excitement before baby arrives. More and more Australian parents want to find a baby registry list and throw a baby shower.

A common problem of baby showers is that friends and relatives are not exactly sure which items baby and parents actually need. Plus, it’s not unusual for two or more people to buy the same thing – meaning items go to waste or need to be returned.

That’s why it’s important to use a baby shower registry. A baby registry is a service that allows you to create a wishlist of things you need and track which items have already been purchased by a guest, meaning no more duplicate or unnecessary items.

So, which is the best website for baby registry? With registry websites a dime a dozen these days, it can be difficult to find the very best place for a baby registry.

That’s why I’ve gone ahead and written this informative article for you to find the very best baby registry in Australia can give you. Take a look at our handy comparison chart and baby registry reviews on baby shower gifts, Australia. We can’t wait for you to find the best baby shower gift registry Australia has to offer!

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Our Pick for the Best Baby Registry Australia: Amazon baby registry

The Amazon baby registry is already incredibly popular in the US and the UK but with Amazon only recently arriving in Australia it’s not as well known. I think it’s a great option though, thanks to the huge range of products on offer and the 15% completion discount. If you want to create a baby registry online, you could do a lot worse!

Comparison Chart

Here’s a quick comparison of all the best baby registry stores and sites reviewed in this article.

Registry NameImageOnlineIn StoreProduct RangeReviews
Baby BuntingYY4.8/5Read
The Gift RegisterYY5/5Read
David JonesYY5/5Read

Baby Registry Reviews

Take a look at our reviews of the best baby registry places and choose which one is the baby registry best suited to your needs.

Amazon Baby Registry, Australia, Review

Baby registry, Amazon style. This platform is probably the one with the largest amount of listed baby products – over 270,000 items. With it being such a big name you know you’re getting a platform you can trust – it just had to be on our top baby registries list.

You can sign up so easily using your existing Amazon account. Next, you can create a list of products you wish to get for your baby by simply doing a regular search on the site and clicking to add them. You can invite family and friends to check out the list via email – they don’t need an account to see the list but they will if they want to purchase items through Amazon. Once someone buys a product through Amazon the item will be automatically removed from the wishlist.

One of the best features about this registry is the “completion discount” – a 15% discount for Amazon Prime members and 10% for regular users on some remaining items on your list. This can mean huge savings on products like baby car seats and prams. Another great feature is the free 30 day return period. If you change your mind about a product, or someone unexpectedly gives you a second-hand pram and you no longer need the one from Amazon, return it and get Amazon credit to buy something you do need. The best part is that the gift giver never has to find out you returned something.

Almost everyone has an Amazon account already making it one of the best baby registries if you’re worried about burdening your guests like with some other sites. The only downside is that in Australia, unlike the US site, you can’t add items to your registry that aren’t on Amazon – everything you list has got to be sold by them. With so many things to choose from on the site, this isn’t a huge drawback. Plus, the platform is easy to use for you and baby shower guests, reliable and keeps track of baby’s gifts automatically.

What we love

  • 15% completion discount
  • No new sign up required – use your existing Amazon account
  • Automatically updates the list when something is purchased
  • Free 30 day returns

What we don’t love

  • Can’t add items not on Amazon

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MyRegistry Review

This registry is one of the top global best baby registry sites that’s tailored to individual countries, including Australia, so that everything you put on your list is definitely available here.

The platform lets you add products from other popular sites such as Amazon AU, Hardtofind, Adairs, Myer, and David Jones. The platform is easy to navigate for you and your guests.

A really nice feature of MyRegistry is how you can send lovely eCards announcing your registry directly to guests with a clickable, customisable URL. You can also share it via all your social media accounts. If you or your guest is more of a traditionalist though, you can also download and print your list and cards

It offers a free browser extension that installs a button on your toolbar so that when you see an item you like, you just click to add – super convenient. If you’ve already created a wishlist on a different site like Amazon or others there’s an option to sync the items – you don’t have to start again. This definitely makes it one of best baby registry websites for adding products from a range of sites. If there’s anything you’re confused about, there’s a dedicated, 24/7 chat feature with site representatives.

MyRegistry also offers a great quality mobile app for iPhone and Android. You can use the family sharing option so that up to six people can be in charge of the list and add items. Use the app and MyRegistry service for more than just baby showers – create lists for Christmas, birthdays, and weddings too.

What we love

  • Great app for both Apple and Android devices
  • Universal registry – add items from various stores
  • Send, share, and print eCards or physical invites/lists

What we don’t love

  • You may have to register on other websites to access some products. 

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Baby Bunting Registry Review

The Baby Bunting company is one of the largest online baby gift registry Australia has to offer. As a company that has been around for decades, Baby Bunting knows how to do baby showers. Their registry system works seamlessly along with their site which offers a wide collection of the best brands and baby items.

Sign up to the site (or use your existing store account) and activate the gift registry function on your account settings. Once you’ve done that, browse the site as usual – when you see something you like you can just hit the ‘Add to Gift Registry’ button. You’re not able to add items from outside of the site. However, Baby Bunting is a one stop baby shop that can serve all your baby gift registry wants and needs. 

They also have a dedicated app for their baby registry. The best part? Using the app, you can visit their brick and mortar shops that are available in fifty locations and simply scan the products you love to add them to your registry. We really like this feature since it means mums and dads get to see and feel the items in person before committing them to their wishlist. This also means that your guests can purchase items in store and update the registry with their purchase manually.

Share your registry via email, Facebook, or even text from the app or website. When a guest purchases an item from the list, the registry gets updated automatically so you never get duplicate items unless you choose to.

What we love

  • A handy app for iPhone and Android – scan items in the physical Baby Bunting shop!
  • Large site with thousands of items from different brands
  • Share via email, Facebook, and text message

What we don’t love

  • Can’t add items from outside of the site

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The Gift Register Review

The Gift Register is one of the best places to register for baby shower gifts when you are short on time – easily create your wishlist using the “Quick Lists” function that has ready to go compiled lists which can be edited to your needs. Then share it with your family and friends. The site is well designed – it really does work well and is clear and easy to navigate for you and for guests.

You can use The Gift Register on their website or you can download their app which is available on iOS (not currently available for Android phones). The app will sync with your choices on the site and vice versa. Another nice feature of the app is how you can take a picture of any product in any brick and mortar shop, upload the pic and product details (brand, shop, locations) and add this to your registry. Your guests can then purchase the item in store or perhaps online if they find it available there.

The Gift Register is similar to MyRegistry in that it’s not a platform which requires guests to purchase items only available on their own site. You can add literally any item you need to your list – this is great if you discover a key product baby needs isn’t on Amazon, Baby Bunting, or another site. It’s also worth noting that The Gift Register isn’t purely made for baby shower registries but can also be used for birthdays, housewarmings, engagements, bridal showers, weddings, and more. 

We love how easy it is to share with The Gift Register – share the URL link via the built in eVite function or copy and paste the link to share via whatever online means you choose, or even share on printed invites/announcements. Guests are able to easily confirm what they’ve purchased so that they never gift something unnecessary.

What we love

  • Quick – ready made wishlists that you can edit
  • Handy app for Apple phones
  • Easy to share your registry

What we don’t love

  • App not yet available for Android

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David Jones Baby Registry

David Jones – the iconic Australian department store with a huge selection of baby products – has been around since 1838! If you’re trying to find out which are the best stores for baby registry, David Jones is well worth considering because of its large selection, great physical shops, and smooth online registry platform.

You can sign up for their registry easily and quickly, either in store or online. We love that mums and dads can visit the store in person to set up their registry. They also have a complimentary in store consultation service – staff can give you expert advice on creating your wishlist and organising any upcoming baby events you’ll be having.

On their website, David Jones Baby Registry offers a helpful printable checklist for expectant mums and dads so that they never miss a crucial item. They also provide categories of popular items, lists of essential products, and a first birthday item list so that you can edit to compile your registry – great for when you’re not sure what you need or don’t have heaps of time to dedicate to thinking about all the things you need.

The platform also offers a “Celebration Card”, basically a gift card for you to purchase any product you need from David Jones. We really like this option since it means guests never feel pressured to purchase an expensive item that’s out of their budget – they can choose how much they are comfortable giving. Another thoughtful feature of David Jones Registry is how items which are left unpurchased on your list will be given a 10-15% discount for you to nab as baby is getting closer. David Jones also offers a paid wrapping service which can make things easier for busy guests.

What we love

  • Guests can shop either online or in store
  • Set up your registry in store or online and use their complimentary consultation services
  • Celebration Card – guests can give an amount of their choosing

What we don’t love

  • Wrapping service incurs a fee but does makes things simpler for guests

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an image of a happy pregnant woman opening her gifts listed in the best baby registry

What is a Baby Registry?

A baby gifts registry is a wishlist of products that parents would like to receive as gifts from friends and family. In the past, parents would organise the registries at department stores. Nowadays it’s common for Australian mums and dads to list their baby registry options online as this makes creating and managing the registry simpler. It means that a guest can’t buy the same thing as someone else and means that gifts never go to waste or have to be returned. With online registries, the list usually gets updated automatically when a guest buys something or the guest can update it themself. 

There are so many good places for baby registry online these days, but the problem is that not all sites are compatible with Australia. Many of these registry sites are set up in America and it’s not possible to order all the items that are linked to them from down here. That’s why we’ve listed the baby registry places that you can use from Australia. When choosing the best place for a baby registry, consider which items are available on that site, or you may wish to choose a registry site where you can select items from across various sites.

When Should You Start a Baby Shower Gift Registry, Australia?

Now comes the question of when to make a baby registry? It’s best to have the registry up and running at least four weeks before the baby shower celebration if you’ll be having one. This will give your family and friends enough time to browse, choose, purchase, and have delivered the gift they want to give.

Plus, always remember that if you are using an online registry, one of the greatest baby registry benefits is that you can update your list at any time – add or delete items that haven’t already been purchased. 

What to Put on Your Baby Shower Registry, Australia

You’ll want to make sure you have the right items on your list – anything you forget to add you’ll have to go out and get yourself which might be stressful towards the end of your pregnancy or when baby is here. The best baby shower registry will have a range of products at different price points so that guests can choose an item to suit their budget. Take a look at some popular baby registries items so you know what things you’ll most likely need. 

  • Clothes – 4-8 onesies, 4-8 undershirts, 4-8 one-piece pyjamas, two blanket sleepers (if it will be cold), 1-3 sweaters or jackets (again, if cold), 4-7 socks, 1-3 hats, mittens (so they don’t scratch themselves), 2-3 sleeping bags (possibly different togs). Check out the best sleeping bag here.
  • Daily Essentials – bibs or burp cloths (at least 20), swaddling blanket, six bottles, and teats if formula/bottle feeding (have a couple at hand even if planning to breastfeed), baby monitor, white noise machine, a nightlight. Find the best baby monitor here
  • Health and care products – heaps of nappies (consider cloth nappies), loads of wipes (again, consider cloth), nappy bag, baby bathtub thermometer, first aid kit, baby nail clippers
  • Toys – mobiles, stuffed animals, soft and hard sensory toys. Check out the best toys for 6 months old here.
  • Big ticket items – car seat, cot, stroller, high chair, baby bouncer

What Not to Put on Your Baby Gift Registry, Australia

Sometimes parents end up making mistakes when creating their wishlist. The best online baby registry won’t have unnecessary items that are a waste of guests’ time and money. best places to register for baby:

  • Newborn fashion outfits – Babies can look adorable when wearing a tiny tuxedo, dress, or jeans. However, babies grow fast, and you’ll really struggle to get good use out of such items before they don’t fit anymore. Plus, you’ll be changing baby’s clothes several times a day, so if you’re out at an event and baby gets spit up or worse on their new outfit, you’ll be changing them back into a onesie anyway.
  • Shoes – a tiny pair of Timberland boots or Nike trainers are again, adorable, but also useless. There’s no reason a newborn baby needs shoes since they won’t be walking anywhere. Wait to buy shoes until they’re actually needed and in the meantime baby can just wear socks.
  • Formula – If you’ll be using formula you might be tempted to put it on your registry but it’s best not to. You’ll need to talk to your midwife or doctor about which formula is best for your baby and there’s a good chance if you put it on your registry your guest will get a kind you can’t use.


Do I have to have a baby shower to have a registry?

No, you may not be holding a baby shower for whatever reason but this doesn’t mean you can’t have a registry. If you’re not holding a baby shower or other event then you may not want to ‘announce’ your registry by sending it to friends and family without them asking, but you can still have one to share with those that ask unprompted what you need. You can also create a registry to keep track of items that you’re going to be buying yourself.

Should I send out a printed registry?

You can send invites to your baby shower along with details of your registry. You may want to do all of this online – send eVites, along with a link to the registry. If you want to be more traditional, you could send physical invites out with a link to your online registry. It’s probably best not to send a printed copy of your registry out to everyone because it’s likely you’ll end up with duplicate items this way. However, you could send a printed version to older relatives or that less technology able and ask them to let you know what they’re considering buying.

Should I put expensive items on my registry?

Yes, put everything that you need on your registry, including more costly items. Remember, no one is obligated to purchase something they can’t afford (although you may choose to remind guests of this). Also, as many registry sites offer discounts on unpurchased items, this can help you save a significant amount on any big ticket items leftover.

Recap of Our Favourites

Registry NameImageOnlineIn StoreProduct RangeReviews
Baby BuntingYY4.8/5Read
The Gift RegisterYY5/5Read
David JonesYY5/5Read

For more gift ideas to put on your registry, take a look at our babies page!

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