How To Find The Best Baby Comforter, Australia, For Your Baby

How To Find The Best Baby Comforter, Australia, For Your Baby

Every mum is looking for that perfect sleep solution. Unfortunately, there’s no magic secret to get your baby to sleep through the night! However, having one of the best baby comforters, Australia, is a great place to start. Both my daughters preferred a baby blanket but there are even comforter toys and hybrids on the market today.

There are heaps of candidates for the best comforter for baby, it’s just a matter of knowing what to look for. If you’re not completely sure which one to go for, then you’re in the right place, because this is a complete guide to the best baby comforter, 2021.

In this guide, I not only take you through what to consider when buying a top-rated baby comforter but will also share in-depth reviews of some of the best baby comforter brands. So, whether you’re looking for the best baby blanket Australia has, the best baby comforter toy, or a hybrid option, we’re sure to have it right here.

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Our Pick for the Best Baby Comforter, Australia 2021

My pick for the Best Baby Comforter, Australia 2021 is the Wee Gallery Organic Bear Blanket. It is large and warm enough to actually cover your baby when they are little and the shoulders or legs of your toddler as they get bigger, but it’s very light and breathable so it can be used in all temperatures. It’s filled with sherpa wool and the outside fabric is 100% cotton.

I love the bold black and white design of the Wee Gallery Organic Bear Blanket and the soft ears that poke up from the top edge. 

Best Comforter Toys & Blankets Comparison Chart

Here’s a quick comparison of all the baby comforter toys reviewed in this article.

Hey Baby
Blanket100% Sustainable
Bamboo Rayon
Apple Park
Blanket100% Organic Cotton
& Corn Fibre
Little Archer
& Co

Little Archer & Co.™ Dax The Organic Cotton Baby Comforter – Breathable and Soft Security Blanket, Plush Toy, Lightweight, Perfect Companion for Sleeping, Fox Design, GOTS Certified
Blanket100% Organic Cotton Check
ToyBamboo Viscose
& 100% Cotton
Petit Collage
Toy100% Organic CottonCheck
Lulla Doll
Lulla Doll by RoRo
Toy100% Cotton &
Little Bamboo
Toy70% Bamboo,
30% cotton &
100% polyester
Wee Gallery
Blanket100% Organic Cotton
& Sherpa Wool
Kate Koala Comforter by O.B. Designs – Breathable and Soft Security Blanket, Plush Toy, Lightweight, Perfect Companion for Sleeping, Koala Design, Ethically Made
Toy100% Natural
Little Linen
Toy100% PolyesterCheck
Toy100% PolyesterCheck

Best Baby Comforter Reviews

Here are my choices for the best baby comforter reviews!

Best Baby Blanket Comforter: Hey Baby Bamboo Muslin

I absolutely adore bamboo muslin because it is the best snuggle blanket: SO soft and silky, doesn’t shrink, and hardly wrinkles. Hey Baby Bamboo Muslin baby blanket comforters not only are light and cozy for your kiddos, but they also work great as a nursing cover because they are so breathable. I’ve had some (four actually!) for three years that have lasted through both my daughters and are still going strong, so they are also very durable and well made. 

Hey Baby Bamboo Muslin comes in super cute patterns. It’ll quickly become not only your baby’s favourite comforter but also your favourite go-to baby blanket to keep in the nappy bag. I even bought one for myself to keep in my office to drape over my shoulders against the A/C. 

  • Fabric: 100% sustainable bamboo rayon 

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Best Comforter Toy: Apple Park Farm Organic Blankie Toy

Apple Park Farm Organic Blankie Toys are blankets attached to little farm animal heads stuffed with corn fibre and have knots on each corner. They are the best comforter toy for teething and also make a soft rattle. Each blanket lovey is super soft and I can personally attest to Penny the Pig being in fantastic condition after being loved and chewed on by my daughter. 

Apple Park Farm Organic Blankie Toy is also one of the best organic baby blankets because they are certified non-toxic and organic from the corn fibre of the head to the cotton blanket to the packaging it comes in.

  • Fabric: 100% organic cotton, corn fibre.

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Little Archer & Co

Little Archer & Co.™ Dax The Organic Cotton Baby Comforter – Breathable and Soft Security Blanket, Plush Toy, Lightweight, Perfect Companion for Sleeping, Fox Design, GOTS Certified

Little Archer & Co makes the best lovey blankets in a variety of friendly animal friends such as a  fox or a bear. The plush animal head is attached to an organic cotton comforter with knots on each corner. These baby comforters are soft, lightweight, and machine washable.

Little Archer & Co lovey blankets can transition with your baby as they grow into toddlers and need a friend to help comfort them in new situations and emotional transitions. They are small enough to be taken on all your child’s outings and adventures but big enough to actually cuddle with during naps and bedtime. 

  • Fabric: 100% organic cotton 

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Joey Trackable Comforter

They certainly didn’t make baby comforters like this when my babies were small! The Joey Trackable Comforter has a BlueTooth tracker with a corresponding app so you can keep tabs on your toddler, which is a genius idea if you ask me. You can also find it when your toddler loses it, which is guaranteed to happen at least a few times and save you both some tears. The baby joey lovey is so soft and sweet with knots on each corner.

If you’re worried about the tracker getting wet, not to worry because it’s waterproof and babyproof (your kid won’t be able to get it out). It’s portable and durable enough to last with your baby through toddlerhood. 

  • 100% Bamboo Viscose Outer and 100% Cotton Filling

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Petit Collage Organic Comforters

This is a cuddly little lovey that has high contrast patterns on the heads that are easy for your baby to focus on and assist with sensory development. It’s also soft and made of organic materials and dyes. There is one knot on the corner so your baby can easily grab it. 

  • 100% organic cotton

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Lulla Doll Sleep Companion

Lulla Doll by RoRo

The Lulla Doll Sleep Companion is just that – a soft and soothing friend for your baby or toddler to snuggle with for naps and bedtime. The Lulla Doll plays comforting heartbeat and breathing sounds for up to 12 hours to help your child go to sleep, which also helps kids actually stay asleep longer.

The Lulla Doll was developed by a mother with feedback from doctors, nurses, psychologists, and of course other parents so there is a lot of research behind this doll. It has a bean bag bottom so it sits up nicely on its own and is also machine washable. 

  • Outer fabric made from 100% cotton and filling made from hypoallergenic microfibre

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Little Bamboo Bunny Comforter

This baby rabbit comforter is a super soft bamboo blend comforter attached to a plush rabbit’s upper body. I love the big ears that stick up and the friendly-looking face. The Little Bamboo Bunny Comforter machine washable and is a great lovey for your baby or toddler. 

  • The comforter is 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, the rabbit is 100% polyester 

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Wee Gallery Organic Bear Blanket

The Wee Gallery Organic Bear Blanket is cozy and warm yet lightweight enough to be snuggled within all temperatures. The ears that stick out on the top are not only cute but also give your kids something to fiddle with within the car or as they fall asleep. It’s big enough to actually keep your kid warm but still portable enough to come on trips.

The Wee Gallery Organic Bear Blanket has graphic black and white prints that not only look cool but are high contrast so your baby can easily see the bear or bunny prints. It’s also machine washable.

  • 100% organic cotton for outside fabric, the lining is sherpa wool.

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Kate Koala Comforter

Kate Koala Comforter by O.B. Designs – Breathable and Soft Security Blanket, Plush Toy, Lightweight, Perfect Companion for Sleeping, Koala Design, Ethically Made

This clip-on cutie would be perfect for attaching to a crib or car seat. The Kate Koala Comforter is a little pal that would make a snuggly lovey for your baby or toddler –  it’s very soft and plushy. The arms and head are filled with weighted beads which are fun for your baby to feel and make noises with.

The Kate Koala Comforter is designed to comfort and settle your child whether they are trying to transition to sleep or need a little buddy for company. It’s machine washable and also made in an ethical business environment from the employees who work there and the eco-friendly materials used for manufacturing. 

  • Made of 100% natural materials 

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Little Linen Elephant

The Little Linen Elephant is full of interesting shapes and textures for your baby to explore with their chubby fingers and drooly mouths – from the elephant’s stick out trunk and ears to the knots on each corner of the plush little comforter (great for sensory development and teething).

 It’s portable enough to go anywhere and I love the star design on the comforter itself.

  • Made of 100% polyester fabric and filling 

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Jellycat Dusky Blue Bunny

My daughter absolutely loves her little Jellycat bunny. This adorable soft toy can make the ultimate companion for any baby or toddler. It is made with some of the finest materials, and its long, soft ears make it super easy for little hands to hold and manipulate. The comforter is available in many different colours and sizes to suit your child’s needs. 

With just one cuddle, this extra fluffy bunny will certainly become your child’s favourite and is sure to last for years and even be passed on between siblings!  

  • Made from 100% polyester fabric

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What is Baby Comforter?

A baby comforter is a soft blanket or toy that can be made out of any material, but muslin baby comforters are best for very young babies due to their breathability.

The best baby comforters are also sometimes referred to as loveys. It’s not safe to leave your baby unsupervised with a baby comforter until they are coordinated enough to remove something from their face if it’s covered. 

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an image of a baby sleeping with the best baby comforter

Baby Comforter Blanket or Toy?

Baby sleep comforters can be taken anywhere and quickly become a soothing item to your baby. The best lovey for a baby is any object your child can bond with to feel comforted and secure.

A lovey can be a baby sleep comforter or a soft plush toy that can either be attached to a baby sleep comforter or stand-alone. The hybrid loveys are a good combination of a baby sleep comforter and a toy, but the blankets tend to be on the smaller side. A standalone lovey is a cuddly companion but is not a substitute for a blanket. It all comes down to personal preference. 

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What are the Benefits of a Baby Comforter

  • Sleep training aid (make it part of bedtime or nap routine)
  • Provides warmth and security
  • Comforting during times of stress

Features of the Best Comforter for Baby


The material is the most important factor for baby comforters. The best fabric for baby blankets is organic cotton, as it is breathable and feels nice and natural against the baby’s skin. Other materials for organic baby comforters include bamboo, muslin, wool, or satin.

  • Organic cotton – grown without using toxic chemicals and therefore doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. It is also breathable and soft.
  • Muslin– made from a plain weave (crisscross) cotton material. It is very lightweight and breathable.
  • Bamboo – made from eco-friendly and fast-growing bamboo fibres. Bamboo doesn’t shrink, it’s hypoallergenic and incredibly soft.
  • Wool – spun from sheep or goat fibre into yarn. It is warm but also breathable, hypoallergenic, and resistant to mould. 
  • Polyester – a synthetic material but is strong, stain and shrink resistant, non-allergenic, and often blended with natural materials. 

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Textural Extras

Some baby comforters come with little textural extras such as tags, knots, chew toys, or unique fillings for the baby to fiddle with or help relieve teething pain. The best teething blankets have unique textures to help ease aching gums and encourage those little tooths to pop out.

Baby comforters designed for teething are oftentimes a good investment because not only can the textures help teething, the textures and chew toys and fillings also entertain your baby and make unique sounds. Other textural options include silky tags which feel great against your baby’s face. 


Baby comforters can also come with sounds such as white noise or heartbeat sounds. This usually looks like a lovey attached to the blanket that your toddler or baby can press to make noise or a switch you turn on and off. 


When Should I Introduce a Comforter?

The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend comforters or loveys to be left in the crib until your baby is over 12 months of age. Of course, you can introduce a comforter as soon as your baby is born but only in supervised environments and never alone in a crib (they could suffocate on it). 

Are Baby Comforters Safe?

As long as your baby is coordinated enough to remove something that falls on their face, it is safe to leave them alone with a baby comforter. If you are really wanting to be on the safe side, make sure you choose a baby comforter that is made of light and breathable material or is small enough to not cover your baby or toddler’s entire face. 

Do Baby’s Need Comforters?

Baby’s don’t necessarily NEED a comforter, but they can be a beneficial sleep or emotional aid. Babies will bond with cuddly and soft things and comforters can be soothing. 

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