Find The Best Baby Bouncer Australia Has (Or Baby Swing Or Baby Rocker)

Find The Best Baby Bouncer Australia Has (Or Baby Swing Or Baby Rocker)

So, do you need the best baby bouncer Australia has, the best baby rocker, Australia or the best baby swing, Australia?! The good news is that many models could be considered all of these things in one.

If you’re struggling to understand the differences between bouncers, swings and rockers – we’ve written this handy article to cut through the confusion.

Take a look at our handy comparison chart before reading some detailed reviews of the top rated baby bouncers out there. Finally, we’ve broken down exactly what to look for and all the important features to make buying easy.

So, whether you’re looking for the best newborn baby bouncer or just the best baby bouncer swing in general, chances are we have it right here!

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Our Pick for the Best Baby Bouncer, Australia

If you’re looking for top of the line and the best that money can buy, it’s hard to go past the 4Moms Mamaroo Swing! It’s suitable from newborn, has bluetooth and a mobile app to control the settings and 25 different movement combinations. It bounces and sways in a way that mimics mothers movements and it’s really impressive.

Best Baby Swings Comparison Chart

Here’s a quick comparison of all the best baby rocker bouncers and swings reviewed in this article.

ProductDimensions Product WeightMax Baby WeightPowerPrice
Fisher Price
61 cm x
48 cm x
51 cm
2.56 kg9 kg 1x D
58.42 cm x
48.26 cm x
58.42 cm
3.45 kg9 kg3x C
39 cm x
39 cm x
92 cm
2.23 kg13 kg
45.09 cm x
29.21 cm x
60.96 cm
8.66 kg11 kgAC
Tiny Love
72.5 cm x
61.5 cm x
70 cm
5 kg9 kg3x C
63.5 cm x
61.5 cm x
73 cm
4.04 kg9 kg4x AA
88 cm x
34 cm x
2.8 kg9 kgNoneCheck
Tiny Love
50 cm x
63 cm x
81 cm
7 kg18 kg3x C
63 cm x
50.8 cm x
8.62 kg11.34 kgAC
72.7 cm x
71 cm x
44 cm
5.1 kg9kg (stage 1,
with harness)
or 60 kg
(stage 2,
w/o harness)
Fisher Price
89 cm x
111.81 cm x
94.01 cm
11.1 kg11 kgAC

Baby Bouncer Reviews, Australia

Take a look at our baby bouncer reviews and choose which one is the best for you personally. 

4Moms MamaRoo

This bouncer looks modern, and its features match the look. With five unique motions that are designed to mirror a parent’s movements, and a seat that reclines to any position, baby will be comfortable and soothed in this bouncer.

The motions and choice of sounds can be controlled through an app on your phone, and you can even link your own mp3 to it.

With a mobile attached, there is a choice of toys for baby to play with. The crinkle ball, rattle and mirror are all designed to stimulate baby and encourage fine motor skills.

  • Dimensions – 63cm x 50.8cm x 68.6cm
  • Product weight – 8.62kg
  • Max baby weight – 11.34kg
  • Power – AC adapter

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Fisher Price Signature

This adorable animal themed bouncer is perfect for your animal loving little one. With it’s non-skid feet and three point harness, you can be sure baby is safe and comfortable while they’re bouncing along.

The removable overhead toys are a great addition, designed to improve sensory and fine motor skills, while the vibrations and cosy fabric help baby feel secure.

The seat is even machine washable!

  • Dimensions – 61cm x 48cm x 51cm
  • Product weight – 2.56kg
  • Max baby weight – 9kg
  • Power – 1x D battery

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Ingenuity Vibrating Bouncer

The soft muted colours of this bouncer work perfectly with any room, and help keep baby calm and happy. With a removable head support, this bouncer is designed to last you from the very first day you bring baby home.

The toy bar and vibrations help to keep baby occupied, and while not anything new or exciting, the melodies and sounds are there to sing baby off to sleep. It’s three point harness and non-skid feet make sure baby is safe at all times.

Baby will love the soft padded fabric, and you’ll love the fact that you can throw it in the washing machine.

  • Dimensions – 58.42cm x 48.26cm x 58.42cm
  • Product weight – 3.45kg
  • Max baby weight – 9kg
  • Power – 3x C batteries

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BabyBjorn Bouncer

If you’re looking for a simple, easy to use, bouncer, then look no further. This classic baby bouncer has everything you need to keep baby comfortable and safe, with its ergonomic design and three-position options.

The black colour is classic and goes with everything, and there’s a choice of a quilted cotton fabric, or a mesh, which will keep baby cool in warmer months.

It doesn’t come with a toy bar, but there are ones you can buy as extras if you would prefer.

  • Dimensions – 39cm x 39cm x 92cm
  • Product weight – 2.23kg
  • Max baby weight – 13kg
  • Power – none

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Graco Duet Glide

This multi-use seat adapts from a gliding swing to a portable rocker so you can choose the function that suits baby best. If you want somewhere to put baby that’s close to you while you clean the house, the portable rocker is perfect. If you want somewhere that will glide and sooth baby to sleep, pop it back on its stand. Easy!

The swing speeds and vibrations are adjustable so you can find the right settings for you and baby. The movement is very gentle, so if baby prefers a faster swing it may not be the best option for you.

Featuring 15 different songs and sounds and a couple of soft toys, there is plenty to keep baby occupied, while the five point harness means you can relax knowing baby is safe and secure.

  • Dimensions – 45.09cm x 29.21cm x 60.96cm
  • Product weight – 8.66kg
  • Max baby weight – 11kg
  • Power – AC adapter

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Tiny Love Nature’s Way

A manual bouncer with added sounds and vibrations, this is the perfect in-between model for parents who prefer natural bouncers to rockers or swings, but still want some added features.

The five point harness keeps baby secure, while the vibrations and sounds soothe them. Don’t worry though, there’s also some toys for them to pull and grab at if they’re in a more playful mood.

The seat is easy to assemble and machine washable. It does require batteries, but these are only for the music and vibration settings, the bouncer itself is purely manual.

  • Dimensions – 72.5cm x 61.5cm x 70cm
  • Product weight – 5kg
  • Max baby weight – 9kg
  • Power – 3x C batteries

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Childcare Nesso Mini

This adorable swing is light and compact, while still looking great in any house. The grey and white colour scheme is accented with pops of colour from soft toys overhead to keep baby occupied and interested while in the seat.

The swing itself has five speeds, along with different sounds and melodies, so you can pick the functions that work best for you and baby. With a five point harness and a seat that reclines in two different positions, baby will be comfortable and safe in this seat while you get on with your day.

  • Dimensions – 63.5cm x 61.5cm x 73cm
  • Product weight – 4.04kg
  • Max baby weight – 9kg
  • Power – 4x AA batteries

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VeeBee Baby Minder

If you’re looking for a simple baby seat that will keep baby safe and is easy to move around, then this could be the one for you. It’s super light and easy to fold up and carry around with you.

With a simple, but effective, design, this seat bounces gently with your baby’s movements, while the three point harness and rubberised feet make sure they don’t move or fall out. The fabric isn’t the softest, but the choice of three seat positions make sure they’re always comfortable.

The adorable soft toys clip on, meaning they can be changed out for new ones as baby grows and requires more stimulation.

  • Dimensions – 88cm x 34cm x 70cm
  • Product weight – 2.8kg
  • Max baby weight – 9kg
  • Power – none

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Tiny Love 3 in 1 Close to me

With three different levels, this seat is perfect for use at any time of the day. It’s portable, with wheels for easy moving, and folds flat for travelling or storage.

The soothing mode plays music while the seat reclines so baby is safe and comforted. The bouncer mode puts baby at sofa level, with gentle vibrations and soft toys overhead to keep baby stimulated and interested.

The best feature of this seat is the high position mode, allowing baby to sit up at the family’s level from day one. Making baby part of meal times at the table, or at your level in your office, you’ll feel better knowing baby is close by and can see you.

  • Dimensions – 50cm x 63cm x 81cm
  • Product weight – 7kg
  • Max baby weight – 18kg
  • Power – 3x C batteries

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Nuna Leaf

A simple, elegant design, this seat is the perfect addition to any house. The fabric is soft and organic so perfect for baby to sit in.

With no motor, the seat glides from side to side in a sustained motion, with a gentle push once every couple of minutes or so, meaning no power or batteries to worry about. It comes with a lock so baby can’t move during mealtimes or playtime.

It doesn’t have lots of bells and whistles, but it does what it says very well, and you can buy additional features, such as a toy bar and canopy. You can also take the seat out of the base for easier travelling.

  • Dimensions – 72.7cm x 71cm x 44cm
  • Product weight – 5.1kg
  • Max baby weight – 9kg (stage one, with harness) or 60kg (stage two, without harness)
  • Power – none

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Fisher Price Sweet Snugapuppy

This is an adorable swing seat. With soft colours and cute animal characters, it’s the perfect seat for any baby. The soft toys and mirror are there to keep baby interested and offer sensory development.

The functions are plenty customisable, including two swinging motions and an option of 16 different songs and sounds, so you can pick the combination that works best for you and baby.

To make life easier for you, changing the positions is as easy as pressing one button, and the soft seat pad is machine washable. It is rather large, but worth it if you have the space.

  • Dimensions – 89cm x 111.81cm x 94.01cm
  • Product weight – 11.1kg
  • Max baby weight – 11kg
  • Power – AC adapter

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Baby Bouncer vs Rocker vs Swing

Some of these products will bounce, rock, swing, vibrate, play music and more. Others are more specifically one thing such as a bouncer and don’t have many other functions.

What is a baby bouncer?

A baby bouncer is basically a padded chair for baby to sit in, resting on a frame that bounces. They’re easy to move, either by you, or by baby when they’re a bit older.

Baby bouncers are a great way to keep baby occupied when they’re awake but haven’t quite developed the skills needed to play with toys. They’re free to move their arms and legs around, all of which help the seat to move.

They are usually lightweight, and so are great for travelling with. 

What is a baby rocker?

A baby rocker is exactly what it sounds like, a tiny version of a regular rocking chair. More comforting than a baby bouncer, these chairs are great for soothing baby.

Like the bouncers, the seats are padded so baby is comfortable at all times. The chair can be rocked by you, or by baby when they’re a little older.

Baby rockers tend to be bulkier than bouncers, but are still a great portable option.

What is a baby swing?

Baby swings tend to come with a wider range of functions, such as music and mobiles. They are usually powered, and so swing baby gently without any help, meaning you can get on with your jobs more easily.

Again, the seats of a baby swing are usually padded, so baby is comfortable in it, and suspended from a frame which moves the seat.

Baby swings tend to be quite bulky, and so aren’t the best option if you’re looking for something more portable. However, they are great if you want something to keep around the house.

Features of the Best Baby Rocker, Swing, or Bouncer

So what should you be looking out for in a baby rocker, swing, or bouncer? Let’s go through some of the features you should think about before buying.


As with any baby related item, make sure you always buy something that adheres to the highest safety standard. Your swing should be sturdy and well-made. It’s best to get a model which has non slip feet, to ensure it doesn’t slide and slip all over the floor.

You should also look for models which have a harness to strap baby in. Five point is best, and three point is the minimum you should look for.

Baby shouldn’t be kept in the seat for longer than the manufacturer recommends, so looking out for a model with an auto shut-off is always a good idea.

Weight limits & age range

You’ll need to buy a bouncer that works for your baby’s weight and size. The best newborn bouncer won’t be the best choice for your 6 month old, and vice versa.

Check the weight limit and age range on any model you’re thinking of purchasing. Bouncers for older babies may include toys or activities which may not be suitable for younger babies.

It’s also worth thinking about the future, you don’t want to have to buy a new one every 2 months, so look for models that work at different ages, or adapt to different sized babies.


The best bouncer for baby will keep them safe and secure, whilst also ensuring they’re comfortable. There’s nothing worse than putting a baby in an uncomfortable seat, they will definitely let you know it’s not okay!

Look for soft, comfortable fabrics that can be easily washed. They should be padded but breathable, so baby doesn’t get too warm.

If you have a newborn, look for a newborn specific bouncer. These tend to be more padded around the head and neck, so the baby is far more comfortable.

For the ultimate comfort for your babies, take a look at our full article on top rated baby comforters.


Babies come with so many new things. Cots, changing tables, nappies, toys. It all takes up a lot of space in your house.

Think about where you want the bouncer to live. Is it just for one room, or do you want to be able to take it to other places with you? Bouncers come in all sizes, some big and some small. Don’t buy a model that’s too big for your space.

Size also comes hand in hand with safety. There has to be enough room for the seat to move without banging into furniture, or bringing baby into contact with something that could harm them.

Special features

Whether you want or need any other features is a personal choice, and largely dependent on what you will use the seat for, and where.

Other features include toys, sounds, vibrations, lights, and even mirrors.

If you want the seat to keep baby occupied, toys and mirrors are a great addition. If you want baby to sleep in the seat, music and vibrations could be for you.

However, if you want the seat to be more portable and travel-friendly, it might be best to get the simplest seat, for ease.

Take a look at our favourite baby activity centres here


What is the best baby bouncer to buy?

Like most products, this is a personal choice, and largely dependent on you and your baby. The models I’ve reviewed in this guide are all good choices, so think about your lifestyle, and pick the one that suits you best.

How does a baby bouncer work?

Some models work by us manually pushing them (usually rockers or bouncers). Once baby is old enough, their actions are enough to create movement.

Other models (usually swings) are powered by a motor. This can be battery powered, or mains powered. You simply press a button and off it goes.

What age can I put my baby in a bouncer?

Most bouncers can be used from newborn up to around six months. Some models change into baby seats once your baby is over a certain age or weight. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations before putting your baby in a bouncer.

Looking for the best high chair for your baby? Take a look at my full article on great high chairs here or complete all your baby needs by checking out our babies page.

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