Awesome Benefits Of Mums And Bubs Yoga (And What To Expect)

Mums and bubs yoga is a great way for mums and bubs to spend some time together bonding, and it is a great way for mums to start gently exercising again after giving birth. Taking a mum and baby yoga class is also a great way for you to meet some other new moms in your area. Being a new mother is stressful, and sometimes frustrating, and it can help to talk to other new mom’s who are having the same type of experiences. 

Benefits of Mums and Bubs Yoga

There are tons of amazing benefits of practising yoga and many of them extend to mum and baby yoga as well. Some of these may seem very obvious but others may be a little surprising.

Ease Back Into Exercise

Mother and baby yoga classes allow new mums to slowly ease back into exercise after giving birth. However, you should wait until after your postpartum check up to begin any type of exercise routine. Mother and baby yoga classes are less intense than adult level yoga classes and take into account the changes your body has gone through during pregnancy and birth. 

Bonding with your Baby

Mama and baby yoga classes allow you time to bond with your baby. Of course, you bond with your baby at home as well, but setting aside a specific time each week to focus on you and your baby while you learn new stretches and breathing exercises together also promotes bonding. In a baby yoga class, many of the poses are modified so that mums can rock or hold their babies while doing them. 

Alleviate Gas and Colic Symptoms

Baby yoga poses are carefully chosen to help them relieve gas pains and soothe the fussiness of colic. Your baby’s digestive system is still immature and that can cause gas pain and tummy aches which makes them cry and fuss a lot. Yoga for babies may be the answer to the colic relief that you have been looking for. 

Tone and Stretch your Muscles 

Yoga for mums allows you to stretch and loosen muscles that have become tight due to the poor posture that goes hand in hand with your growing body during pregnancy. It also helps you to tone your essential core muscles that may have been weakened during your pregnancy and birth. 

Promote Sleep

Mum and baby yoga classes can help promote better sleep for both mum and baby. The leg kicking and stretches in class can help babies sleep for longer periods of time. The deep breathing exercises and meditative poses can also help mums to relax and sleep better as well. 

Increase Strength and Energy Levels 

One of the benefits of yoga for mums is that it can help you to slowly build your strength back up and boost your energy levels. Carrying a baby around all day can be tough on your body and especially on your back. Yoga poses can help you to relieve some of the tension and help you build up your strength. 

Another benefit of yoga for new mums is that it can increase your energy levels which is helpful if you aren’t getting much sleep at night. Any type of physical exercise, even something low impact like yoga, should help you to feel more energetic. 

Increased Mental Clarity

Chances are you have heard the term pregnancy brain before, where pregnant mums have trouble remembering things. Pregnancy brain doesn’t always just disappear after your bub is born, for some mums they also have episodes of mommy brain which is pretty much the same thing just after the birth. Meditative yoga exercises can help increase mental clarity and reduce the forgetfulness that some new mums experience. 

Meet Other Mums

Attending a mama and baby yoga class gives you a chance to get out of the house and to interact with other new moms. Being a new mom can be socially isolating after those first hospital visits and checking in on you after you first get home. Having somewhere to go where the baby is welcome and where you can talk to other new moms about your struggles is very helpful.

Relieve Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression can be a debilitating issue for some new moms after the birth of their baby. Fatigue and hormones can leave you feeling exhausted and lonely. Exercise, and socialising with other mums can go a long way towards helping to relieve these feelings of postpartum depression.

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Mums and Bubs Yoga Classes (What to expect!)

You may be wondering what to expect from a mums and bubs yoga class, and what you should bring with you. Yoga for mums and babies class is not like your traditional yoga classes and babies are welcome to just be babies. Don’t worry if your baby needs to feed, cries, or needs a diaper change during class. It’s expected and it’s not a problem, just focus on your baby’s needs and then go back to the yoga poses.

In addition to the traditional yoga poses, there will also be songs, nursery rhymes, and games that you do with your baby. There will also be modifications to some of the poses so that you and your little bub can do them together. Make sure that you take a fully stocked diaper bag with you to class with everything that your baby might need, plus an extra blanket to lie on your yoga may for the baby to lay on. If your baby is a little older you might also want to include a few toys that they can play with on the mat, or some snacks and a bottle. 

Mum and baby yoga classes are not quiet and meditative like traditional yoga classes are. They are full of laughter, music, nursery rhymes, and the occasional crying baby. If your baby doesn’t enjoy baby yoga poses just let the baby play on the mat while you focus on your breathing. If your baby doesn’t like mama and baby yoga class at first, give it a week or two and try again. Some babies love the stimulation, music, and other babies at first sight and for others, it is too stimulating and it takes them a little bit of getting used to.

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Mums and Bubs Yoga Online

Now that you know all about the benefits of mum and bubs yoga you might be wondering how to get started participating in it. All you need is a yoga mat, computer or TV screen, and a little bit of time and space to move around. There are lots of mum and baby yoga videos online that you can watch that will give you and your baby a gentle workout. 

These online videos last anywhere from ten to thirty minutes in length so you can pick the workout that fits with the time you have to exercise. Mum and baby yoga videos will show you baby yoga poses, and yoga poses for new mums to help you strengthen your core muscles. These videos also include nursery rhymes and songs so that you can sing and play with your baby just as you would in an in-person mums and bubs yoga class. 

Many yoga studios are currently offering mums and bubs yoga classes online. These classes are usually live using a type of video app so that you can still interact with other new mums and the instructor can offer help with proper posing. In addition to the poses, these classes will also have nursery rhymes and songs that allow for play and bonding with your new bub.

Where to Find Mum & Baby Yoga Classes

If you are looking for an in-person mother and baby yoga class, try calling your local yoga studios to see if they offer them. Many yoga studios offer a mums and bubs class a few times a week. If your local yoga studios don’t offer these classes you can also try visiting or calling your local community centres or churches to see if they have any available. 

Being a new mother can feel overwhelming at times, and having a place where you can go to connect not only with your new baby but other new moms as well can be helpful and improve your confidence that you are doing a great job, because you are. Not only do mother and baby yoga classes allow you a save space to get out of the house with your bub and socialize they allow you to refocus on your health as well. 

Having an opportunity to take some time to focus on meditation, breathing, and posture can go a long way towards making you feel more energetic, and relaxed which will make you a better mum. There are so many amazing benefits of mums and bubs yoga for both you and your little bub that you should definitely give it a try for both. Have you ever attended a mums and bubs yoga class, and if not after learning about all of the amazing benefits for you and your baby do you plan to? 

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