Hey gorgeous readers!

I’m Sophie! I’m a busy mum of two and I’m going to make your life easier with my buying guides, product reviews and mum life hacks!

If you don’t have time to do the online research yourself, I’m here to help so you can get back to mumming like a superstar.

Baby Toddler & Kids is Designed to Save You Time and Money

With two young kids under my feet, I need to make my life as easy and convenient as possible.

My family (me, hubby, toddler, baby and an old dog) live half of the year in a super isolated community, way up near the tip of Australia. We get mail delivered twice a week by plane and the nearest town is a 12 hour drive away on dirt roads so I do a lot of research and ordering online!

Lets Give You More Time to Spend With Family!

Baby Toddler & Kids started as a bit of a hobby for me but it’s turned into a business I take very seriously. I feel passionate about creating quality content that helps solve your problems.

My in depth buying guides and product reviews are the result of hours, days and sometimes even weeks of tireless research, testing and comparison. I not only want to buy products that make my life easier but I want the best quality for the lowest price (not asking much am I!!)

Once you’ve found the best home, kid and mum products you need I’ve also got heaps of useful little tips and tricks to make everyday life just that little bit easier.

Get to Know Me Better

The other half of our year is spent in the bustling beach metropolis of Gold Coast! That’s my happy place and I’m in love with spending every day down the beach with the kids, playing in the surf and chasing them around.

I used to run a Montessori parent toddler program in our small community and have teaching assistant qualifications. We loosely follow Montessori at home with our daughters and I LOVE how independent it’s making them!

I’m originally from the UK and came to Australia to travel! After just one month I visited an isolated community for a three month work contract, met the love of my life and never left 🙂

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